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Gansevoort Park's Pool Party Scene is Too Much for the Neighbors

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When the Gansevoort Park Avenue hotel first opened back in 2010, we were pumped about their rooftop pool scene, Plunge, which is spread out over three levels and includes a 40-ft heated indoor-outdoor glass-enclosed, swimming pool.

Yet some neighbors who live near the Gansevoort are less than thrilled about the hotel's Sunday pool parties which only run from 3:30 to 8:30pm, but thanks to loud music and drunk partygoers, effectively kill any plans for a quiet, relaxing, Sunday at home. One neighbor told the NY Post:

"I try to not be home on Sundays. The last thing you want are a bunch of crazy people with loud techno music until 8 or 9 p.m.,” said frustrated local Greg Housset, 24, looking down from his apartment Sunday at the mob of hard-partying revelers packed like sardines on the hotel’s pool deck as turntable star DJ Chuckie spun booming dance tunes.

“Even when the windows are closed, you feel like there’s a sub-woofer in your apartment."

Eeee. We can't even imagine what that noise must be like if you're trying to rest up in your hotel room at the Gansevoort.

We actually attended the hotel's inaugural pool party last year and discovered that over 700 people had RSVP'd. Most of them cooled their heels in a line wrapped around the block but quite a few made it to the rooftop. So many in fact, our HotelChatter contributor was worried people would start falling in the pool due to lack of space.

The hotel has taken steps to meet with the community board and smooth things out but it's still a work in progress. A rep told the NY Post that "ample security is provided, ensuring a fun and safe environment for our guests. To date, we have had zero safety incidents."

Meanwhile, if you are brave enough to check-in on a Sunday afternoon, rates start at just $295 a night. If it makes you feel better, only hotel guests have access to the pool during the week up until 6:30pm.

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Archived Comments:

Where are my ear plugs?

Let's hope that the hotel doesn't forget to send Greg his complimentary $2750 bottle of the good stuff this Sunday...

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