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Want To Bypass New York State Gun Laws? Get A Hotel Room

Where: 511 Lexington Ave [map], New York, NY, United States, 10017
July 12, 2012 at 9:01 AM | by | ()

We learn something new every day here at HotelChatter. While most people think of hotel rooms as places to relax, be naughty, get work done, or just plain sleep, a NY Post story yesterday confirmed one new use for them we'd never even thought of: harboring illegal guns.

A man was arrested back in January for inappropriately hugging a room service maid (it was actually the un-registered guns on his bed, rather than the hugging, that got him in bigger trouble) at the Radisson Lexington.

But he's off the hook now, since, as his lawyer's cleverly deduced, the guns weren't actually illegal because they were found in his private residence. Well, gee.

First off, we feel it would be wise to recap. The scene that took place back in January is too weird to try to recount with a straight face, but here's how the Post tells it:

"A waitress at the hotel had told cops that when she brought breakfast to Vankirk's 17th floor room he got down on one knee, proposed marriage to her, and tried to hug her, all after telling her, 'Don't worry, if anyone ever tries to hurt you I'll kill them.'"

Smart room service maid she was, she managed to peer around the room for clues as to just how crazy this person was, and alerted the cops about the guns on the bed immediately after.

But while the creep would normally have gotten 3.5 years for possessing un-registered guns, he'll apparently get off in just a few days because of the whole hotel room technicality.

Now, we're not asking hotels to start installing metal detectors in the lobby, but we really, really don't like the idea of of potential psychos packing pistols in the next room over while we're busy finagling our mis-wired hotel room remote control. And being protected by the law on top of it.

Why do the crazies always end up at hotels?

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Archived Comments:

No Trouble Elsewhere

I take my guns with me to hotel rooms all the time in other states and nothing bad ever happens.

I'm more afraid of crazy PEOPLE than GUNS.

Duct tape over CCTV.......

Ultimately, we are individually responsible for our actions and our personal security as well as our families. After reading about Tom Cruise, although it happened out of country, having his security place duct tape over the CCTV cameras and the hotel not removing or most likely not responding to this security breach when it occurred It sounds like NY state law is there for a reason. I have stayed in every type of hotel/motel from no star to five star and from experience always check my room when I first arrive and carry window and door locks in my travel case. Just because the hotel may have a high rating does not always make it more secure then a roadside motel.