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Dorm-Style Rooms Are Now Available At The Out NYC

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June 8, 2012 at 9:18 AM | by | ()

Funny how these hotel trends come and go. Just yesterday, we were philosophizing about the pluses and minuses of booking a hotel room with bunk beds, and then today comes an announcement from the guys at Out NYC about their new European hostel-inspiredSleep Share rooms. Can you guess what's inside the rooms? Bunk beds.

As of this week, the hotel has now made these rooms available as an alternative to the regular Deluxe, Deluxe Double and suite options. If you remember, one of the hotel's basic credos is for guests to stay, play, eat and chill. And there's no better way to accomplish that than a hostel-style shared room full of (hopefully, friendly) strangers.

The other obvious incentive, is, of course, the price.

Sleep Share beds go for just $99/night, and for that rate, you get all the same amenities as guests do in the regular private rooms: personal TVs, bathroom, shower, full-length cubbies and—thankfully—a privacy curtain. Nothing worse than waking up to find you've been drooling all over your pillow, and you've been on display to everyone else in the room!

Each Sleep Share room contains 4 beds, arranged in group of two bunk beds along the wall. In total, the hotel has 8 of these new rooms, making for a total of 32 available Sleep Share beds.

The Sleep Shares are one of the last finishing touches to be put on the hotel, which opened in March. In April, the glass-covered wellness center opened, making us just a tad jealous that we weren't able to go for an early morning soak during our stay there on opening weekend. Ah, well, just another excuse to head back this summer!

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