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Does A Bunk Bed Stifle Your Stay, Or Make It Awesome?

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June 7, 2012 at 9:18 AM | by | ()

When we first reported about the opening of NYC's second Pod Hotel, we were mostly excited about the fact that all the rooms would have their own private bathrooms. Same tiny capsule rooms as ever, but this time, no shared bathrooms. Phew!

Yesterday, the NY Times decided to pick up on the trend of "tiny but luxurious" hotels, focusing mainly on the new Pod39 and its abundance of communal space, both in the lobby and up on the colonnaded roof. But what caught our eye was a quote from Pod Managing Director David Bernstein, confirming that what guests love about the compact rooms isn't just the size: it's actually the bunk beds.

Go figure. People show up in NYC and pay $150-$200, only to pretend it's sleepaway camp all over again!

Bernstein told the Times:

"We found out that people prefer bunk beds over sleeping side-by-side with a friend or business partner. And the demand for rooms with two beds far exceeds the availability in this city. I believe we’re going to price higher for a room with two beds and a private bathroom than we will for those with one double bed."

Sure enough, a large number of the Pod's regular clientele are European backpacker types, who would be more accustomed to sleeping in hostels anyway. But regardless—the feature proved so popular that owners didn't think twice to include more bunk beds in the new Pod39.

And it's not just the Pod. Yotel, which also gets a shout-out in the article, has been squeezing guests (happily, we should add) into bunk bed situations since day one. Small families, or groups of friends, can choose from either an "overhead bunk" (a Queen with a single bunk above it) or a Queen with two bunks adjacent to it, a setup which could sleep up to four people.

Elsewhere in town, the newly-opened Tryp Times Square offers an array of specialty themed suites, one of them being the signature Family Room, which can sleep up to eight guests comfortably. What does the suite make use of? Why, bunk beds, of course!

What about you? Do you call top, bottom—or neither—when checking into a hotel with family members, friends and business colleagues? Is the new Pod39 somewhere you'd stay? Let us know in the comments below!

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