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Rachel Dratch Has a Simple Request for Hotels

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June 5, 2012 at 4:38 PM | by | ()

Jon Hodgman and Rachel Dratch at The Algonquin last night

Tear your eyes away from this oddly creepy image of Jon Hodgman for a moment, and refocus instead to the right, where comedian and actress Rachel Dratch perches with a tiny smile. What was Rachel Dratch, of SNL and 30 Rock fame (and more), doing hanging out last night with bespectacled literary types in the lobby of the newly renovated and reopened Algonquin Hotel? Well, Rachel has a book on the shelf as well—Girl Walks Into a Bar—and though she nearly tells all in the memoir, we decided to delve a little deeper.

Oh yes, we're talking finding out the deepest, most secret and personal aspects of Rachel Dratch's life: her hotel preferences.

Where does she typically travel and have to stay in hotels?
LA of course, she states, but also Boston to visit her parents and Chicago, that great hotbed of improv comedy. Dratch lived in the Windy City for ten years!

Any favorite hotels?
Rachel actually just returned from Chicago, where she loved "the hotel that used to be the Ambassador East." That's The Public by Ian Schrager now, but Dratch appreciated its location the most...tucked away as it is in the Gold Coast, walking distance from places like The Second City.

Outside of Chicago, it's got to be The Grafton on Sunset in LA, as "it's pretty swanky for the price" and, again, the excellent location that allows for walking to things in a city where no one walks.

And the one thing a hotel must have to earn Dratch's business?
She requests that they have the Bravo channel! "It's not a hot towel or champagne, although those things are nice," Rachel confesses. She's in it for any of The Real Housewives shows. "It's my go-to unwinding thing...I'm so embarrassed to admit it!" We can absolutely commiserate, though our TV loyalties lie in other networks.

TOMORROW: Jon Hodgman calls us cool!

Matilda did make an appearance...even if it was just napping on the gift bags in the lobby cloakroom

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