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Inside the Club Lounge at the New Hilton Frankfurt Airport

Where: Frankfurt Airport - The Squaire, Frankfurt, Germany
June 4, 2012 at 5:42 PM | by | ()

Over on Jaunted, you can get our inside looks at some of the world’s best airline lounges, so we thought we’d do something similar here and start talking about some of the hotel lounges we’ve frequented lately for our series on Hotel Club Lounges. Today, we're having a look inside the Executive Lounge at the very new Hilton within The Squaire complex at Frankfurt International Airport.

When you're an executive lounge at an airport hotel, it's probably a good idea to mirror the upscale airline lounges found next door, right? Right. So when the Hilton Frankfurt Airport finally opened last December, they kept that jet set appeal all the way up through the executive lounge.

We popped into the lounge only a few days ago, thanks to one of our buddies at Australian Business Traveller and his Hilton status. Upstairs in the shiny, zeppelin-like SQUAIRE complex, the Hilton's lounge overlooks the atrium lobby and—if you're lucky—the glass roof will give you brief glimpses of airplanes taking off right overhead.

Design-wise, the lounge is far more modern than what we'd expect from a Hilton, but we suppose its location within this ultra-slick building and the demographic of globetrotting businessmen help things out. It's quite obvious. however, that major cues were taken from the look of Virgin Atlantic's old Upper Class lounge at JFK Airport.

The areas include a self-service food bar (with complimentary breakfast and dinner chafing dishes), free wine and spirits until 8pm, a dining area, two casual chillax areas, a work zone with a few computers and a rack of magazines and newspapers. We mainly gravitated towards places that had power outlets, which were few and far between.

· Do note that the WiFi here is not free, except for in 1-hour increments that are super annoying to click through registration pages to access. BLURGH. So the Hilton Garden Inn next door has free WiFi if you need it.

· If you spring for one of the paid drinks after 8pm and order some of the Port, the lounge attendant serves it in a glass meant for an old fashioned, and with ice cubes. Request your Port sans ice, or you'll have to dig out the cubes yourself.

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