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Bushwick Is Set To Get A Boutique Hotel, And Yes, There Will Be An Arts And Crafts Room

June 4, 2012 at 9:18 AM | by | Comments (0)

Following along with the buzz generated by recently-opened places like The Wythe, King & Grove Williamsburg and Hotel BPM, it's hardly surprising that yet another boutique hotel is opening in Brooklyn. This time, the chosen neighborhood is Bushwick, which is mostly known for being remote, fairly vacant, and filled with hipsters.

But the rent is cheap, and the empty warehouses are abundant, which is what makes it such a great party 'hood. And one that, potentially, could be a real cash cow for a hotel developer like Richard Guishard, who plans to open a 63-room property—complete with rooftop pool, ground-floor retail spaces, and, yes, an arts and crafts room—there by the end of 2013.

DNAinfo says the project, which has already broken ground at 19 Bogart Street (pictured above), is in fact located right around the corner from an established, separately-owned hostel, but that the two businesses would not be in competition. The hostel's receptionist said:

"We generate a younger crowd. We have some private rooms, but they're small… We focus on being affordable"

It should be noted, too, that the area in Bushwick where the hotel is planned is a good 20-minute ride from Union Square. Not a huge distance, but certainly farther than Williamsburg from tourist-centric Manhattan.

Here's our issue with this place, though: yes, the scores of young, hip, fashionable folks who live here might be the ones who will frequent this place (or at least their visiting friends, parents and business acquaintances), but they're also the ones who have taken major issue with the hotel opening up in the first place. DNAinfo spoke to at least three residents who were unimpressed by the prospect of a cool, boutique hotel opening in their neck of the woods.

To convince them, Guishard intends to make "the hotel feel like a part of the neighborhood." And how do you do that in a neighborhood that's mostly a hodgepodge of delis, dollar stores, and one-off hipster dance clubs? Well, we're not entirely sure. But according to Guishard, collaborating with local artists will play a big role. As will the ground floor retail spaces, which he hopes will include a wine shop, art store, art gallery, and vintage clothing store.

Would you visit a new boutique hotel way out in Bushwick? And play in the arts and crafts room? Let us know what you think below!

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