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How We Scored A (Literally) Gigantic Room At The Standard Downtown LA For Half The Price

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  Site Where: 550 S Flower St [map], Los Angeles, CA, United States, 90071-2501
June 4, 2012 at 9:03 AM | by | ()

About a week ago, we were on our laptop, browsing for a hotel in Los Angeles. Several called our name, but on the advice of an LA acquaintance, who recommended the downtown area as a place worth checking out, we set our sights on The Standard Downtown LA. We visited the website and checked rates for our two-night stay at the end of Memorial Day weekend. $165/night—not bad.

Then, getting distracted, we clicked out of the site, only to find, when we re-entered the dates about half an hour later, starting rates had gone up to $183/night. Nooo! So we didn't hesitate to simply pick up the phone and call the hotel's reservation center. When quoted the same $183/night rate, we explained how minutes before, we had seen the same room for about $20 less. "Well," the agent explained, "that might have been due to the Memorial Day weekend special we're running."

Oh? We hadn't heard about those rooms, which apparently were available for a much more reasonable $145/night.

So we booked two nights there and then and called it a day. But our luck hadn't run out just yet...

Check-in: Aside from gawking at the around-the-block line that was forming from people trying to get up to the rooftop pool party, we were mostly unimpressed by the Front Desk agents' apparent indifference to helping us. It wasn't that anyone was rude, they just didn't seem interested.

Until, that is, we were taken under the wing of a genial young man named Donald, who upon learning we were visiting from New York, immediately took a liking to us (he had grown up in Bed-Stuy). After fielding all sorts of questions about our trip (where had we traveled from? San Francisco. What were we doing there? Visiting friends. What brought us to Los Angeles? Adventure!), Donald offered to upgrade us to a "nice, big room." Not really thinking much of it, we gladly thanked him, signed the paperwork, grabbed our keycard, and headed on up to our room.

Room Reaction:We ended up in a gigantic room, on the tenth floor, with great views of downtown LA, a humongous bathroom, and plenty of extra space around the low platform bed. More space in a hotel room, in fact, than we'd seen in a while (then again, being from New York, we might—just might—be a tad jaded). And for the price we'd paid? $145/night? Not bad at all!

The official category of the room, in case you were wondering, was "Gigantic." So we weren't making that part up. Positioned five tiers above a standard "Medium" room, Gigantic rooms normally go for around $350/night. Evidently, it pays to be chatty when checking into a hotel as personality-driven as the Standard.

As for the room itself, we loved the simple, clean sparse feel of the space. The 70s-ish grey, black and yellow pattern on the curtains is carried onto the wall, making for a cool effect. But aside from those colors, and a little more yellow on the wool bedspread, the rest of the room was pure grey and white. Grey carpet, grey armchair, grey bed platform. White bathroom, white desk, white lamp.

Our only complaint would be the lack of a nightstand. The platform, which holds up the bed, technically doubles as a nightstand, as there is about a ten-inch perimeter surrounding the bed that makes for a relatively convenient surface on which to drop your phone, laptop, and keys. But a proper table or even a stool would have sufficed.

Bathroom: Like in other Standard hotels, the bath area has no proper door, but simply a large shower curtain that gets pulled across as a divider. The white tiles lining the bathroom floor and walls looked a little grimy, but mostly the pristine whiteness of the sink and bathtub was appealing. The toilet itself was in a separate alcove with its own sliding door, which was handy when we had company and needed some privacy.

Aside from a bar of soap next to the sink, toiletries were in pump dispensers, which would have been OK, except for the fact that the body wash had barely any lather to it. Which was especially unfortunate after a long hot day at the beach, and plenty of sunscreen to rinse off.

Regardless of those minor setbacks, being able to actually wander around the bathroom after a shower, without feeling boxed in or cramped, was certainly a treat. We might even be a little spoiled now when it comes to bathroom size...

Our room being at the end of the hallway, we remained unaffected by any noises that may have been coming from the elevator or the rooftop biergarten above, and we were able to cozy up in our Gigantic room in almost complete peace and quiet.

Wi-Fi and other amenities: Free WiFi, which was great, though other amenities (iron, hairdryer, bathrobe) were pretty standard (heh).

Bottom Line: We can't exactly say we needed all that space, but when you're on your own in a big, unfamiliar city, it certainly helps make you feel at home! And to snag it all for just $145/night? We were pretty much ready to move in. If only LAX wasn't calling our name bright and early on the third morning...

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