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Revel HQ Teases Us With Another Preview On July 6

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June 29, 2012 at 9:17 AM | by | ()

After missing out on all the fun over Memorial Day Weekend, Revel HQ, the four-level nightclub venue inside Revel, is finally ready to make its debut. Kind of.

The nightclub's official opening date isn't until September, but it is hosting another "preview" weekend on July 6 (yes, another—the first preview was held on June 14, and Revel even posted photos on its website for your browsing pleasure). The club will open to offer revel-ers a taste of the bottle service, the bass-thumping DJs, the suspended stage, and all the rest of it.

Oh, and incidentally, this preview happens to coincide with a two-night run at Ovation Hall by a little known rapper called Kanye West. Ever heard of him?

Most likely, Revel hopes to generate some major buzz for the summer season, since revenue from the casino's first two months wasn't quite up to par.

But bringing in a top name like Kanye West, just like with Beyonce just one month ago, is certainly a good way to keep the casino resort in people's heads for a while—though the tricky part of course is getting people to stay excited about Revel even after the Beyonce and Kanye buzz has worn off.

The Revel HQ nightclub is comprised of four levels spread over 40,000 square feet, making it a pretty impressive space—just like how the lobby, and the SkyGarden, and Ovation Hall, and Exhale Spa, and pretty much everything about the place is impressive. But the folks in charge clearly don't want to rest on the laurels of their $2.4 billion resort, and have chosen to use a series of special previews and exclusive performances as a way to prolong the initial opening rush as long as possible.

But will we still be interested when September finally rolls around?

[Photo: Revel]

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