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The Best Part About Glamping At A Penthouse In NYC Might Be The Bathroom

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June 26, 2012 at 9:04 AM | by | ()

One thing Manhattan hotel terraces tend not to be is big. NYC is simply short on space, and hotels have to be very efficient with how they apportion what precious terrace and rooftop space they have.

So upon visiting one of the city's latest Suite Glamping spots at a penthouse inside Hyatt 48 Lex, we discovered that as much as the outdoor terrace appeals, the part that really wowed us was inside the room: the luxurious, bug-free, and fully private bathroom. Not the most ideal place to have a picnic, but great for pretty much everything else.

Want to decide for yourself? Click through for our photos of the penthouse and accompanying terrace!

Glamping at one of Hyatt 48 Lex's eight penthouses doesn't come cheap. Currently going for around $2100/night, the Suite Glamping package get you a suite with a private terrace, an aero-bed with pillows and blankets, a free bottle of wine, and a full picnic basket from Dean & Deluca (that's probably $250 right there).

The downside, however, is that the terrace isn't all that big, and you must share the space with neighbors in the next door penthouse (a metal partition with plants divides the space, but it's still hard to make it feel wholly private).

Interestingly, a regular stay at one of the eight penthouses—without the aero-bed or picnic basket—goes for just $200 less, on average. So while the whole sleeping-under-the-stars thing is appealing, inside the room, you're essentially enjoying the same amenities (living room area, kitchen, better views) as regular penthouse guests.

Including the bathroom. We visited this same penthouse back in October; we loved the bathroom then, and we love it now. The wavy-textured walls that kind of look like rippling water; the gooseneck faucet that hangs over the white porcelain bath tub, the ample closet space. It's all workin' for us.

The stars outside may be nice, but inside, there's a whole world of squeezable toiletry products and hour-long soaks that might just keep us a little more occupied. Plus, this is New York, so how many actual stars do we plan on looking at anyway?

[Photos: HotelChatter]

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