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Gordon Ramsay's 'Hotel Hell' Will Fire Up on August 13

June 25, 2012 at 3:22 PM | by | ()

Whoopsie! June 4 came and went for us and we didn't even think to check in on Gordon Ramsay's new television show, Hotel Hell. But it looks like we got lucky because the show didn't air that night.

However, it is set to air on August 13 and this time looks like it will be for real. We got an email from FOX publicity about the fiery chef's hotel fix-it show that will actually have a two-night series premiere. The first ep will air on Monday, August 13 on FOX at 8pm followed by a second ep on Tuesday at the same time. The show will then air the next several episodes every Monday night at 8pm.

Given the description of the show, it's clear to us that Hotel Hell will be entirely similar to Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares. If you've not watched that show before, it could very well put you off on ever eating out at a restaurant again. We sincerely hope this show doesn't ruin hotels for us now.

After more than a decade of running restaurants in some of the world’s top hotels, Ramsay knows firsthand the crucial importance of surpassing guests’ highest expectations. In HOTEL HELL, Ramsay will endure hotels at their worst – from filthy bedrooms and mold-ridden bathrooms to dreadful room service and incompetent staff – all so unsuspecting guests don't have to. After he has uncovered all the dirty secrets, Ramsay will put the hotel owners and employees to work as he attempts to turn around these failing establishments. With reputations on the line, one thing is certain: if they can’t meet Ramsay’s high standards, they will never check out of HOTEL HELL.

Ay dios mio! We already know that "Hotel Hell" will feature The Keating Hotel in San Diego (that's the owner pictured with Gordon above) and the River Rock Inn in Pennsylvania but we're anxious to see who else gets pulled out of "Hell." DVRs will be definitely be set to record but we may have to do some live-tweeting as well. All you have to do is make the popcorn!

[Photo: The Keating Hotel]

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I like Hotel Impossible because Anthony is firm without raising his voice. I can't take Gordon Ramsay yelling and screaming at people to "change the f**** sheets already."

No thanks

Gordon Ramsay knows nothing about Hotels.  He should stick to what he knows restaurants.  Fox is just wanting another shock value show loaded with F-bombs.  This guy ever talked to me the way he does the chefs on his other show, he'd get a pan shoved some place that was very very uncomfortable.

Lets let Anthony (who is in the hotel business) take on these tasks, and let Gordon who lacks the education and common sense to respect other people handle is terrible show.