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A Closer Look At Sean MacPherson's Pants...And Two New NYC Hotels

June 25, 2012 at 12:27 PM | by | ()

What is hot NYC hotelier Sean MacPherson up to these days, aside from wearing army surplus khakis and grilling fish over an open fire? Not too much else, actually.

A NY TImes "What I Wore" column over the weekend profiled MacPherson, focusing specifically on his Hamptons chic attire—yet we managed to scrounge up a few hotel-related tidbits along the way.

MacPherson mentions how he normally spends "all day every Wednesday at my two current hotel construction sites," which immediately brought up two questions in our mind: first, are these places in Manhattan, or Long Island? The article seems to imply that MacPherson is speaking about New York City, but it's never explicitly stated. And second, are these two brand new projects? Or continuations of properties we already knew about?

Time to put our thinking caps on.

From past stories on the always-busy hotelier, we know MacPherson has significant interest in developing outer borough locations, like Montauk and Far Rockaway.

He even once told The Real Deal that Rockaway is like "the Lower East Side on the beach." So for all we know, we could be seeing another of those swanky Rockaway hotels cropping up with its own private tunnel to the beach.

More recently, however, we reported on a former SRO in Greenwich Village that has the potential to become the Bowery Hotel's grittier, more affordable younger sibling. The Marlton House, as it's officially known, has certainly been around the block so we wouldn't be surprised if there's still plenty of construction work going on there.

Could this be one of MacPherson's weekly stop-offs?

Or could he be referencing two entirely new properties? One thing's for sure: whatever two hotels of his are going to be opening in the next few years, we sincerely hope they take inspiration from the dandy pajamas MacPherson claims he wears ("royal blue rose velvet trim Piombo pajamas").

[Photo: Facebook; Gordon M. Grant / NY Times]

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