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A New Reason To Show Up, And Loosen Up, At Trump International

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June 22, 2012 at 9:02 AM | by | ()

Trump likes to do things big. And that's not just something we say to sound cool or to pick a fight—he (Trump) actually told us so back in March when we sat down to talk hotel expansion. That conversation was all about ballrooms in Chicago, the upcoming Doral Resort in Miami, and, of course, hotel WiFi.

But one thing we didn't get around to discussing was the newly-renovated spa that just re-opened inside Trump International Hotel, bumping it up on our list of fun things to do on an off day in Columbus Circle. Right there in between riding sidesaddle through Central Park and stealing samples from the buffet at Whole Foods.

Forbes got to take a look inside the new space, which took three months and $8 million to complete. Compared to Trump Soho's bi-level spa, which was once rumored to be Manhattan's largest, the new spa at Trump International is all about intimate, personalized service for hotel guests, including couples massages, steam baths, and Deborah Lippmann manicures.

What else? Oh, you know: detox facials, body scrubs, herbal wraps, gemstone massage and hot stone massage. The usual.

The most appealing part, however, is the 55-foot pool, which uses "natural" chlorine made from salt. Because as nice as all those rooftop pools sound, swimming outside in the Big Apple isn't always the best thing to be doing—especially on days like yesterday when temperatures are up in the high 90s. Plus, pigeon poop. So you're likely to get a cleaner, more intimate swim here. What's more, the salt chlorine is supposedly gentler on the eyes and skin.

If Trump International wasn't able to lure you away from its newer, sleeker, more expensive sibling downtown, maybe this will be just the enticement you need. Or, at least, that and Whole Foods.

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I will not give that bloated, foolish oaf one dime of my money.  He and that arrogant Mervin Adelson are on MY blacklist.  Not. A. Dime. Ever.