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Your Next Sex Party In New York Definitely Won't Be Happening At The Mondrian Soho

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June 21, 2012 at 9:32 AM | by | ()

The Mondrian SoHo—romantic? Yes. But apparently not so liberal when it comes to people wanting to sex it up in the rooms.

The Daily News is telling us that a members-only swingers club called School of Sex (yes, they do have a Facebook page) was holding an event at the hotel over the weekend when security found out what was going on, and promptly shut the whole thing down.

Luckily, as the School of Sex puts it, "members were given ample time to exit the venue and say their goodbyes." Phew. Well, that's a relief.

The School of Sex has gone on to publish a full statement on its website in response to all the media attention they (unsurprisingly) have received since the story broke. For starters, they have no intention of stopping, and have allegedly received several offers from other, more open-minded hotels interested in hosting future parties.

According to the Daily News, the incident was a one-off for the organization, who usually manages to pull off these sorts of events with perfect discretion and cooperation from the venue. As long as the hotel averted its gaze, organizers would ensure that the parties didn't get too out of control or disrupt other hotel guests on the floor.

But it sounds like the Mondrian event somehow attracted too much attention, and that's when the disruptions began.

School of Sex organizer Rocco gave a somewhat confuddling explanation to the Daily News:

"'They noticed there were a lot of attractive people — one of whom was a celebrity,' he said. 'We insisted this was a private event ... It’s not appropriate when you have people’s identities that you want to protect.'"

Sooo...does he mean 'they' as in party guests? Or regular Mondrian hotel guests? We're a little unclear. And were the hotel guests trying to get in on the action? Or did they just want to take pictures of the unnamed celebrity?

And how did security get involved?

So many questions, so few hotel sex party details.

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Such Squares!

Geez! thank goodness there aren't people having sex in more than one room at a time in NYC hotels! That might be considered...a party!