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Alec Baldwin Gets Creative With His Use Of Hotel Towels

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June 20, 2012 at 9:02 AM | by | Comments (0)

Hopefully for Alec, that towel didn't have linen tracking chips embedded inside it.

Yesterday, Alec Baldwin was strolling around lower Manhattan, high on life, fresh out of the NYC Marriage Bureau, where he retrieved a marriage license for his upcoming wedding to fiancee Hilaria Thomas. Sounds like a nice day to us. Until he got into an altercation with two Daily News photographers right outside the bureau, and ended up punching one smack in the chin.

Enter The Regency Hotel, which came to Alec's rescue later in the day, as he was making his way to yet another hotel to speak at an American Heart Association event—hopefully counseling them to act as he says, not as he does.

With his assistant at his side, Alec jetted down Park Avenue, covering his head with the hotel's towel to avoid being recognized. Well, so much for that part, but at least he didn't have to suffer any awkward facial expressions as yet more paparazzi likely confronted him about the earlier incident.

Jeez, where's a private hotel car to whisk you away when you need one, huh, Alec?

His timing at the hotel was a little off, though, since The Regency, as we reported two weeks ago, is up for a $70 million major overhaul to spruce up guest rooms and the lobby. Still, the hotel makes a great option for those looking for a safe, reliable, moderately classy place uptown.

And no doubt Alec gets the royal treatment—complimentary towel shrouds and all.

Hopefully, by the time the hotel has completed its renovations, Alec will have gotten a better hold on that temper of his. If he can't handle a few pesky photographers, g*d help the poor lowly room service attendant who shows up at his hotel with the wrong sandwich.

[Photo: Lawrence Schwartzwald / NY Daily News]

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