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How Often Do You Go To The Hotel Bar?

June 21, 2012 at 9:20 AM | by | ()

It's no secret we're big fans of the hotel bar. Given a couple hours free, we're happy to spend them sat on a leather stool, whisky in hand, making small talk with the bartender. Yeah, we get a little chatty with a few Jack Daniels in us...

And it's not just rooftops that we like. Wine bars. Secret bars. Bars with jazz. We're pretty much game to try any new bar that crosses our path.

So, what about you?

A friendly antiques dealer once told us, "There is nothing finer in the world than spending an entire afternoon at a beautiful hotel bar, letting the world go by." And we have to 100% agree.

Are you the type who uses the hotel bar only as a last resort? When that business trip has turned so sour that pretty much what keeps you going is the prospect of blurring the rest of the evening with continuous glasses of prosecco until you wake up and it's time to fly home?

Or are you a social hotel bar drinker? New technologies are now popping up that make it so darn easy to make a friend while traveling alone. And the hotel bar is at least one reliable spot for a casual meetup.

Are you strictly about the upscale hotel bar, or is it the sleazier the better?

We want to hear from you, fellow travelers! Is there a certain type of hotel bar that appeals to you, or do you spring for them all? And what's your drink of choice? Post away in the comments below!

[Photo of Marriott Marquis Times Square: HotelChatter]

Archived Comments:

All the time!

Especially since I'm not actually staying in a hotel every night so meeting people at the bar/lobby lounge is a great way to experience a bit of the hotel without paying full price.

From @DMelloAlan on Twitter


From @jmagNYC on Twitter

"Always. Meeting spot. Post-work decompress."


I'm a big fan of the hotel bar as an on-site dining venue.  In other words, I seek hotels where I can grab the same meal which can be had in the dining room, but eat it whilst chatting the bar tender, watching a game or socializing with other travelers...

hotel bars

Always.  I sometimes pick hotels by the quality of their lobby bar.