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Note To Hotel Managers: Don't Try To Impress Madonna With Your Lowly Furniture

June 19, 2012 at 9:01 AM | by | ()

We would have thought that having the red carpet rolled out for you at every new five-star hotel you check into would preclude the need to make room adjustments. Except when you're Madonna, that is. It turns out the pop diva is pretty choosy about the look and feel of her room, and has a whole laundry list of items that need to be added to (or taken away from) the room. Before she even sets foot in it.

Want to find out how to Madonna-fy your room in three easy steps? Read on!

MTV Newsroom is reporting on a piece by In Touch Weekly about Madonna's OTT touring habits, diet requirements, and hotel commandments. Which, in order of most ridiculous, are as follows:

· 20 international phone lines must be installed in her room. You know, Madonna's a busy woman, and needs to get her paws around a good old-fashion land line when making business calls. Nevermind the fact that we, along with probably everyone else in the world these days, have our iPhone at our side at all times, and hardly ever use the hotel telephone. The added 20 lines is more of a security blanket, really.

· Furniture must be covered with "special fabrics" brought from home. A bit of a slap in the face to the hotel designers that plan out the look of the rooms and suites—from color scheme to fabrics to layout. Everything is usually arranged to give you that "Aahhh" feeling when you walk in. Unless you're Madonna, of course, who's more interesting in marking her territory than just enjoying a couch like a normal person.

· Fresh flowers must be constantly replenished—and kept trimmed to six inches. Madonna likes her flowers the way she likes her men: young, fresh-faced, and in constant supply. And the minute they show signs of aging? Out!

[Photo of Mandarin Oriental San Francisco: HotelChatter; inset, JustJared]

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