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If He Was Your Boyfriend, You'd Be Getting Kicked Out Of Hotels

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June 12, 2012 at 9:03 AM | by | ()

After several years of showing up at hotels, causing mass hysteria among fans while they wait outside, and causing hotels themselves to bang their heads against the wall while they deal with all the craziness, the Biebs has finally been booted from a hotel. Though, in all fairness, it wasn't anything he did specifically.

The Langham became overwhelmed this past weekend when fans somehow got a hold of Justin's room number, and began calling the hotel non-stop trying to speak to the singer.

And knowing the kind of crowd that hangs around wherever the Biebs sets up camp (we hear they mobilize through Twitter), we don't doubt that this pretty much spelled disaster for the hotel and its staffers, who likely didn't have time to be dealing with thousands of shrieking pre-teens blocking the phone lines from actual paying guests.

So the Langham said bye bye Bieber, and asked him to leave.

As a result, the Biebs did what any globetrotting mega-star would do in that situation—he changed hotels. Except he wasn't so into the second hotel, so he upped and moved again. And the third one was juuuust right.

PerezHilton reported that after re-locating to The Landmark, Justin didn't like the look of his room (maybe he got spooked after hearing about the hotel murder that happened there in 2010). So he then headed for The Dorchester, which hasn't been afraid to boot out celebrities in the past. But it looks like, for a little while at least, the Biebs managed to have a bit of R+R undisturbed.

[Photo: Flickr / The Roaming Boomers; inset, Darren Tieste/CPi]

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