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Ready For The Next Generation Of Hudson Hotel? London Set To Open in 2015

June 13, 2012 at 9:03 AM | by | ()

In the middle of an afternoon spent watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians re-runs (don't judge), we came across an announcement from our dear friends at Morgans Hotel Group, declaring that New York's Hudson Hotel is not only about to get a much-needed facelift (okay, we already knew that part), but that the entire Hudson brand is about to be exported to London, for a new 200-room hotel set to open in 2015.

Our first reaction to this was...'Huh?' After all, the debut of Mondrian in London was hyped up quite a bit, so we figured their focus would stay there for a while. Not to mention Morgans' Delano projects in Las Vegas and Dubai, both of which fell through.

So now they want us to get excited about a Hudson in London. Well, slap us silly and call us Susan.

Our other issue with this, of course, is: why, of all their brands, would they want to be duplicating the Hudson Hotel?

Sure, we admit, the public spaces in this hotel have always done good by us (Private Park, with its tall trees and brick arches; the Ralph Lauren-designed Library; and even, on nice weather days, the Sky Terrace). But the rooms are teeeensy, and kind of dark and coffin-like. This has always been the complaint with Hudson—and for cramming 834 rooms into a building the size of a high school, what did they really expect?

What we'd love to hear is that the upcoming Hudson renovations will knock down some walls and up the per-room square footage a little. But that may be wishful thinking.

For now, we know that the $30 million "modernization" of Hudson New York will bring new furnishings, upgraded technology, new lighting, and newly-designed corridors. As for London, at least we know it won't be quite so sardine can-stuffed as its New York counterpart (200 rooms sounds much more reasonable than 800+), though as the reported "gateway brand" of MHG, we can probably expect a lot of the same quirky features, like the Hudson's extra-long neon green elevator, an elevated lobby, a lobby that looks like something out of Where The Wild Things Are.

By 2015, MHG hopes to have four hotels in London: Mondrian, Hudson, and the already open Sanderson and St Martins Lane. Which one will you be staying at?

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