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1920s Era Manhattan Will Be Recreated In The Refinery Hotel, Opening This Fall

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June 12, 2012 at 9:33 AM | by | ()

We finally have some details on Manhattan's newest boutique hotel, The Refinery, which we had previously known as merely Hotel 38, and this place sounds like it's gonna be a stunner.

We already knew the hotel would be referencing the building's history as a former hat-making factory—but now we learn that pretty much everything, from the architecture to the furniture in the rooms to the 1920s-inspired tea parlor in the lobby, will play a part in simulating what it would have been like to be a tenant in a milliner's workplace at the turn of the century.

The sprawling building, which spans an entire New York City block, is known as the Colony Arcade, and went up in 1912. The hotel itself is set to open with "loft-like" rooms, and a 3,500 sq ft rooftop space, in the fall.

For more details on The Refinery, read on!

Perhaps our favorite nugget from the press release was the following detail about the lobby:

"White plaster groin-vaulted ceilings and a 72’ entry take guests through a 21st Century arcade to the reception area, outfitted with warm wood and a custom installation of hat-making tools."

As for the rooms themselves, a "raw aesthetic" has been preserved from the building's original use as a hat-making facility. So, think distressed hardwood floors with rugs, concrete ceilings, desks designed to look like sewing machines, bathrooms with inlaid mosaic stone floors.

In many ways, we are reminded of the lived-in look of The NoMad (read our review of that hotel here), whose rooms have rugs, clawfoot tubs, and homey-looking lamps and photographs on the walls.

Though, whereas the NoMad has a general old-fashioned travel theme going for it, the Refinery will be specifically inspired by 1920s Manhattan, and owners have placed particular emphasis on the craftsmanship that defined this part of town, known as the Garment District, for so long.

Of course, plenty of questions remain: will there be free WiFi? What about the toiletries? What will the food be like? How are the views? How much are rooms?

And for those questions, we still have no answers, but we will keep on top of this hotel like a needle on wool as it develops over the summer, and hope to share more news with you soon!

Do you have a tip on this old-as-new hotel coming to Manhattan? We'd love to hear! Drop a comment below, or send us an email.

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oh man


love the sewing theme

especially the desks and the custom installation of hat-making toosl but am not loving that "old" film strip on the wall. what is that about?

Plain jane

Yeah, those are a little weird, and the room in general looks a little more generic than they made it sound in the press release. But what I'm really curious to see are the bathrooms...