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The Great American Road Trip Final Hotel Stop: The Ace Palm Springs

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  Site Where: 701 E Palm Canyon Dr [map], Palm Springs, CA, United States, 92264
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Ahhh...we all remember what it's like to be young and in love on a cross-country road-trip staying in a different hotel each night. Or maybe not. For those of you who never got the chance to drive across America after college, we've got a special Summer Road Trip series from Teddy Worcester, a recent Wheaton College grad who's making his way out to San Fran for a tech job. Along the way, he's hitting up about six hotels and reporting back to us on each one. So grab your iced beverage of choice, settle into your lawn chair and let the sprinkler run.

Sally and I arrived in Palm Springs to check-in to our last hotel of the trip, The Ace Hotel. Sally had stayed at the Ace Portland before and I’ve hung out in the Ace in New York but the Palm Springs property seemed like no other. An old converted motel, touting an old Denny’s dining space, Ace Palm Springs has exceptional character.

I had apparently booked our room for the 30th not the 29th but they kindly accommodated us for that night in a superb room with a patio and outdoor fireplace at a rate of $99.99. This room typically goes for $159 with a $25 resort fee and $8 parking fee. Our $8 parking fee was waived and the WiFi was free. Pro tip for hotels: free WiFi makes me exponentially happier. You can get away with things like a hair in the shower or a lackluster late-night room service menu if you have free WiFi. Just saying.

Room Reaction
Our room sported a classic Polaroid camera hanging from the wall, a record player accompanied by a Bon Iver vinyl, and bundles of other goodies. If this doesn’t tell you about the Ace vibe, I’m not really sure how to put it more candidly, aside from pointing out that the fridge was stocked with PBR. The minibar had a great selection as well, with a wide assortment of snacks and the staple bottles. The room was essentially a motel room on steroids with a tiny bathroom and kitchen-style sink located outside of the bathroom by the minifridge.

Despite the 90-degree temperature, we fired up the electric fireplace on the patio just to test it out. It worked. The patio, with a large, hospitable couch and table made the area a solid chill space to eat and drink before making it out to the main pool, where all the excitement is.

Pool People
We spent most of our time out by the main pool and jacuzzi. There are 2 pools, one of which is a three-foot wading pool, located closer to our room, in a low-key quiet area. The main pool apparently hosts DJ sets on the weekends, which I think would be worth returning for.

Dining Diversions
After the manager touted the hotel restaurant, King’s Highway, as some of the best food in Palm Springs, we had to try it out. He didn’t let us down. I had the pan-seared tilapia, cooked to perfection and Sally had the lemon and chile Spaghettini. Sally wrote her honors thesis on specialty coffee and is a major coffee snob, so we were both stoked to see King’s Highway carried the famed Stumptown Coffee. In fact, we were so stoked we couldn’t turn down the affogato, made with Stumptown espresso. It was a magical dessert.

Other Guests
We shared the hotel with the Nike Better World Team, a Nike-sponsored 4,800 mile, 102 day, 16 state run and bike journey by Iron Man Jason Lester. We felt pretty whimpy being tired from our cross-country drive after seeing the Better World crew. The desert is one of the last legs of the trip and probably one of the more grueling routes. If the Ace was good enough for their team to get some R&R, it was certainly good enough for us.

Bottom Line
At check out, we wanted to give the photo booth in the lobby a test run. Worst photo booth ever. Don’t bother. Aside from that, we were really impressed with the Ace Palm Springs. If you’re looking to escape LA to enjoy a relaxing desert weekend like many other Palm Springs-goers, this is where the under-40 crowd goes. Great people, great food, and the PBR is flowing.

Mission Cross-Country Road Trip Completed
The Ace concludes my road trip hotel review series. I think we definitely saved the best for last and we are very much looking forward to returning to the Ace. We even snagged breakfast at the King’s Highway before heading out, which was just as delicious as dinner. We are off to Manhattan Beach, where we will be staying for a few nights (not in a hotel) before moving into my new place in San Francisco.

Thank you for following my journey and I hope you enjoyed my roadside hotel banter. Until next time, HC’ers. Enjoy your summer of hotel exploration.

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Hipster Heaven. Still looks great though.  Hope you took a bunch of instagram photos while you were there.

Thanks for all the reviews, and best of luck at your new job!