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Allelujah! Brooklyn's Historic Bossert Hotel Will No Longer Be Just For Jehovah's Witnesses

Where: Montague St [map], Brooklyn, NY, United States
May 9, 2012 at 9:30 AM | by | ()

Here's some bad news for Jehovah's WItnesses, but good news for the rest of us: an exquisite 100-year-old Brooklyn landmark, the Bossert Hotel, is ready to be converted back into a regular old public use hotel again, after years of being owned, operated by, and inhabited by almost solely Jehovah's Witnesses.

Our friends at Brownstoner report that the building has applied to reconvert back to its original hotel use, meaning guests from all over, religious preferences aside, can come and enjoy the interior's polished white pillars, gilded ceilings, and bi-level marine-themed rooftop restaurant.

This is great news one more than one count, as the recent crop of Brooklyn hotels has skewed a little too hip and modern for our tastes. We'd love to see this place open up again as a tribute to its original 1912 Renaissance Revival design, with very few changes made to the interiors.

As we learned last fall, the hotel has functioned for the past thirty years as a regular old Brooklyn apartment building for some, yet for visiting Jehovah's Witnesses, the rooms were available completely free of charge. Which sure was generous, but never did anything to open up the Bossert experience to a wider audience. Hopefully now, the 14-story gem can eventually become a Brooklyn must-see—and, for the right price, a must-stay.

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Archived Comments:

Cash out for the Kingdom

I think the wealthy Watchtower corporation should be allowed to sell their properties,which have been non tax paying real estate.
This will change the properties to tax paying status for the cities benefit.
Moreover,I feel the Watchtower should reimburse the many 'kingdom' investors including myself with their windfall profits.
They could set up a college trust fund for our youth.
Danny Haszard life-long Jehovah's Witness <a href="http://www.dannyhaszard.com">http://www.dannyhaszard.com</a>  

remember who bRought you

I point out if it was not for Jehovah's Witnesses, this building would be nothing but a garbage dump.  All the little dreams of yesteryear would be entirely a memory.

Did they charge visiting Jehovah's Witnesses for the rooms or put them into slavery?  No.  Did JWs own the building? Yes.  Did they do anything illeagal?  No.  Were they even bad neighbors?  No.  Unless I am mistaken, everyone working at the corporation requires someplace to live while there.  Would that be correct?  Yes.  That this need was met at this location, is that what all the fuss is about?  Evidently.

Of all the corporations now existing, is there another spending the money it makes only on increasing knowledge and understanding of the Bible with no regard for making any one person or group rich in the process?  None at all.

Allelujah! Brooklyn's Historic Bossert Hotel Will

The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society meticulously rehabbed the Bossert, restoring it to its former glory.  It was a lot of work and expense.  These negative comments shine more light on those who post them than they do on the Society.  We are happy that people will be able to enjoy the Bossert.  Additionally, the relentless stream of comments about the money being earned at the sale of these Brooklyn properties does not take into account the time, effort and expense that went into restoring and maintaining all of them.  When all have been sold, the proceeds will amount to a little over $100 per Witness.  As Witnesses we are happy to have that money redirected to worldwide construction projects and to disaster relief, which serves people at large in communities as well as Witnesses.  Enjoy the hotel!

Poor old building, due for decline.

" yet for visiting Jehovah's Witnesses, the rooms were available completely free of charge."

I wonder how long it will be till the building looks similar to pre-Watchtower  ownership ?
Good thing the Watchtower was there to re-firb. the landmark buildings "New York" virtually abandoned. Cry as people might about the WT, they did alright for NY. Even keeping the streets safe around their buildings by their being out and about.
NY is losing a good neighbor.
The city will never make up in taxes what they are losing with the WT move !

WT no public charities

The JW are clean cut [and non tax paying] land owners,this is true.

The Watchtower has NO significant 'disaster relief' only token measures.

Ever seen it? Ever seen a Jehovah's Witness mission for the poor,soup kitchen,hospital,clinic,food pantry?....no way and they are fabulously wealthy.

I applaud the previous Bossert owners

No significant disaster relief?  Wow, you need to study up a bit.

Try checking again where the money goes.  Sounds like you are more concerned about temporary fixes than the permanent solution.

Your schtick is old news...