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What Ian Schrager Expects From Hotels of the Future (Or At Least Next Year)

May 9, 2012 at 4:53 PM | by | Comments (0)

Conde Nast Traveler interviewed hotelier Ian Schrager about the three biggest trends he expects to see from hotels in 2013. Sorry, all you good-looking bellmen currently employed by too-cool boutique hotels--you might be out of the job.

Schrager says that hotels will start stripping down and getting rid of "flourishes" like elaborate room service menus, fine china and even bellman.

If you’ve gotten your bag through the airport, you can likely get it up to your room without six guys—and the need to tip each one.

Whoa. Has Schrager been reading our hotel diary? (Apparently so.) Schrager also says functionality is in, while fancy schmancy is out.

Marble fixtures don’t equal luxury anymore. What’s luxurious is at least three square feet on which you can spread out your toiletries.

Of course, this all sounds a lot like what Schrager is currently working on with this Public Hotels brand, which instantly converted us on our visit to Chicago last year.

However, while some guests may want to do away with the frills and flourishes and awkward overservice from hotel employees, we'd all appreciate a little extra pampering as far as the Public hotel toiletries go. Shampoo, conditioner and a bar of soap is not going to cut it.


What would you like to see more of hotels doing in 2013? Sound off in comments below!

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