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'The Catalina' More Hardly Working Than Hard at Work

Where: 1732 Collins Ave [map], Miami Beach, FL, United States, 33139
May 30, 2012 at 4:09 PM | by | Comments (5)

Sorry we're so late in giving the eagerly anticipated recap of The Catalina, the new reality show on the CW that follows the partying staffers of The Catalina Hotel in Miami Beach, but we had some technical difficulties. (Thank God the CW lets you watch full episodes online here.)

For starters, we're going to say the show is pretty much what we expected--crazy, wild hotel staffers doing crazy and wild things while on the job. The hotel owner, Nathan Lieberman, has marketed his hotel as The Party Hotel and he is not afraid to show that off. In fact, he's trying to hype it up even more (hence the show.)

His statuesque and slightly plastic general manager, Stephanie, is supposedly the one who "enables" the guests' partying and there are plenty of shots of her going around talking to guests. (Lieberman brags that she also has "A+ cleavage.")

But as with all reality shows, we're sure the staff is turning up the charm for guests because they are on camera. Like, are Nancy and Dede, the pool service waitress and bartender, really going to take time out from their day to have girl talk with guests lounging by the pool? Hmmm...

Nevertheless, Spring Break is here and the staffers are asked to be on their best behavior. That means front desk girls Vicky and Karina trying to suppress giggles while fielding unusual guest requests and the pool service team restraining from doing shots while working.

Meanwhile, the only one who actually seems to be doing her job is Morgan, the surly restaurant manager who stresses out about legitimate concerns like alcohol inventory and cocktail napkins, which haven't arrived because the hotel didn't pay an invoice (again.) Her bartender, the ebullient Eyal, tries to keep her from stressing but she can't help it. She says she works at the Catalina because she's a masochist and she likes pain. She also calls her employees "very stupid." Still, it's nice to see someone working hard instead of hardly working here at this hotel.

The most annoying part of the episode? The pool bartenders, Kris and Nancy, who used to date each other. Their flirting/bickering is just stupid. One of you needs to get a new job. (But we do think it's not cool that Kris hooked up with front desk girl Vicky after they broke up. Aren't there other girls who don't work at the hotel to make out with?)

One of the most awkward moments came when David was pouring a guest at the rooftop pool and drink and said, "You are gorgeous by the way." Eeeee, so unprofesh.

The other awkward moment came when Nathan tried to shake two bottles of champagne all over the rooftop pool area. Not so rico suave. But it did get everyone, including staffers, into the pool. Unfortunately, a storm came along which forced the pool to close and the people to move the party downstairs.

Even though is the train wreck that we expected, we're a little disappointed. None of the characters are really captivating, except Morgan. Nathan, the hotel owner, is kind of appalling. Aside from pouring bottles of champagne at the pool and trying to bartend at the restaurant, later on he pulls out a pair of ladies underwear out of his jacket pocket in front of Morgan, calling it the Pocket Panty. WTF. And how has he not been sued for sexual harassment yet? On the flip side, at least he's not hiding anything about who he is or how he operates.

But there was one clip we liked. Security cameras showed footage from one of the hallways where a guest had passed out, halfway in the room, halfway out in the hallway. A housekeeper came along and had to shove them aside. Now, that's a show we want to watch.

What did you think of The Catalina? Sound off in comments below!

Comments (5)

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Show of the Summer

Until it gets cancelled, I'm committed to this ridiculousness. I also loved how the owner of the hotel had to apologize to Morgan, his BAR manager, when he got in trouble. Should be interesting...

To Be Cancelled...?

Put aside the maturity level of these less than aspiring types, it'll be interesting to see if the CW pulls the show before the Health Depart and/or ABT Division of the State pulls their licence.

Definitely going to keep watching

I don't think it will be cancelled. Don't reality shows shoot a set amount of episodes and then air them no matter what the ratings are like? However, I agree with HG2--I feel like the Catalina is going to get in trouble with the city for some sort of violation. Also, I can't imagine that Miami tourism is happy about this. Then again, it hardly shows off the city of Miami so maybe it's nothing to worry about.

Super Fake!

These people do not work at the hotel.  

Nathan does own about 10% and his dad Alan owns 90%....but that staff is not the real staff.

Try calling the Catalina and asking for any of those people.

I have been to the Catalina on numerous occassions.  These are not real employees at all.

So fake...

I thought that

But one of the pool servers--Kris--said he's been working at the hotel for four years. I could see the others being totally fake tho.

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