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Just In Time For Summer, More Hipster Goodies From The Ace

May 3, 2012 at 10:03 AM | by | ()

The latest output from the seemingly endless fount of hipster goodies commissioned by The Ace Hotel will slip around your wrist, smell like an old English saddle, and make you look super cool at, say, an outdoor music festival.

At least, that's the intention behind the new Ace X Tanner Goods Bracelet (above), which comes in tan and black, and has the Ace Hotel & Swimclub Palm Springs logo etched into it. You can snag one for $50 a pop, which is about a third of the price you'd pay for an actual room at the hotel. So now you must ask yourself: is it a 335 square-foot King Lounge in Palm Springs I want? Or three handmade leather bracelets? Decisions, decisions.

The bracelets, which are made out of vegetable-tanned English Bridle American leather (what else?), are the product of Tanner Goods, a local Portland, OR studio who use antique tools to create an impressive set of leather goods.

Ace even graciously posted an artsy video showing one of the tanners, Sam, at work, and making perfectly clear why the company is such a perfect fit for Ace:

"I wasn't sure if [Tanner Goods] would work out, but a lot of people really bought into what we're doing and supported the brand and bought the stuff. Mass-produced leather goods have their spot in the market, but for what we're trying to accomplish, it has to be done in smaller batches.

What about you? Have you spotted any hotel-branded accessories lately that you just HAD to have? We wanna hear about 'em!

[Photo: Ace Hotel]

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