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Looking To Add A Little Snazz To Your San Francisco Stay? Head To The Carlton

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May 30, 2012 at 9:14 AM | by | ()

We were excited to step into the lobby at San Francisco's Hotel Carlton, part of the Joie De Vivre—ahem, Commune—family, mainly because the hotel offers a free wine tasting every afternoon from 5:30pm to 6pm. Very Kimpton of them, indeed.

But we got more than we bargained for. Yes, the wine was wheeled out on the dot at 5:30, and, sure enough a crowd (comprised mainly of middle-aged Dutch and German couples) began to form there in the Middle Eastern-decorated lobby.

What we weren't anticipating: Theo, one of the hotel's Front Desk agents, setting up in the corner of the lobby with aviator sunglasses, a Yamaha keyboard, and some of the sickest synth beats we've heard since Flight of the Concords was still airing on HBO.

It would be hard to come up with a single genre to classify the strange music we were bopping our heads to, though if we had to pick a word that best sums up the whole experience, it would be this: snazz.

The way the hotel describes the concept of snazz is as follows:

"SNAZZ: (noun) any time or event that is a positive "San Francisco Natural" occurrence.

Seeing random musicians just pop up in random places - simply to share some music - is a very "San Francisco Natural" thing that could happen more than it does.

SNAZZ: from the 99% for the 99%. Nothing but a "San Francisco Natural" thing."

So there you go. And yes, Theo's performance there in the middle of the Carlton's lobby, wedged in between a giant light-up "SNAZZ" sign and a pair of lo-fi speakers, was most definitely snazzy.

The music itself was somehow operatic and spaceship-y and danceable at once, so really how can you go wrong. While the rest of the crowd mingled over glasses of local wine, relaxing into the early evening, resident funkmaster Theo with total focus serenaded from his little corner.

And when it was over, he quietly slipped off the sunglasses, put away the keyboard, and reclaimed his position behind the Front Desk. Total snazz.

Ever experienced an impromptu lobby concert like this in your hotel? Let us know about it in the comments below!

[Photo: HotelChatter]

Archived Comments:

enforced muzak is the price

Actually while his playing has improved significantly over the many many many years I find it to be on par with what I hear in elevators.

No elevators are better

I'm sorry no the elevator droning is more pleasant. But the fake smiles from the counter person are ok if you can tip him and have him get away.

Paid advertisement not a review

I have been a DJ in SF for almost 35 years and there is no way that this is anything but a paid advertisement. The lobby music during the evening at Carlton is simply hideous.

Why am i being posted as the woman who commented b

Why am i being posted as the person who commented before me?
I'm a 55 year old man not a day of the dead drag queen.

Kind of awesome I can say anything and this

woman before me will get the blame. i signed in with my email and I'm posting as a young painted woman I've never met. well at least we all have the same opinion of the alleged music in the carlton lobby. It's crap.

Not me neither and I look like you to!

LULZY somfing wrong wiff dis site it as mess up as the review. I no this Ellen person but I look like her and old dj man to! You need fix page and ears!

It's SF natural to call out cyber-bullying...

Snazz moment: SF Officials act to curb cyber-bullying...

"...Facebook profiles can be set up within minutes to catch up with old friends, but they can also be used to spread rumors and maliciously hurt people.

Starting Saturday, however, using a fake online profile or e-mail address to harm others can lead to a fine of up to $1,000 and one year in jail. The law that creates the new penalties is one of hundreds in California that is taking effect in the new year..."

Read more at the San Francisco Examiner: <a href="http://www.sfexaminer.com/local/2010/12/new-year-brings-new-law-targeting-cyberbullying#ixzz1wezqLUcW'..">http://www.sfexaminer.com/local/2010/12/new-year-brings-new-law-targeting-cyberbullying#ixzz1wezqLUc W'..</a>.

"SNAZZY and what makes SF values, so valuable...

SNAZZ means Murals & SF Inspiration

It's not unusual for unsung SF artists to cause murals to suddenly appear on dull lifeless walls, simply to cheer up the neighborhood or to make a bold cutting-edge statement, is a "San Francisco Natural" thing...

Another San Francisco Natural

Making sure drinking water is cleaner & Happy Meals leaner -so the people who live here don't have to suffer yet more illnesses they can't afford- is a "San Francisco Natural" thing.

Tolerance & diversity = Snazziness

And as for SF's proud record of supporting tolerance & our cultural diversity?

That's a 100% "San Francisco Natural" thing too.  

Snazzy, in fact.

calling all SF musicians

To all who have a talent to share, help share it now!

To the musician who knows of some spot to play in, ask for a corner and start feeding some souls that hunger for far more than just "The Basics";

to the shopkeeper who is able to help feed some souls, it's time to step up too.

Help an artist to remind America - and The World- what "San Francisco Values" REALLY means.  

HAHAHA! Some lounge loser gets a bad review and cr

Some dame doesn't like your weak tunes and you want to cry "cyber bullying" with a smiling veiled threat? WOW if you ever really play somewhere I suppose you'll be loaded with bullies huh?
Wake up nancy and listen to some real music.. a hotel lobby? Seriously? You're lame..www.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DkrWwbfE70_8%26feature%3Drelmfu&h=WAQExxyCA