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More Hot Hotel Talk With Hospitality Designer Lenny Kravitz

May 30, 2012 at 9:31 AM | by | ()

After picking Lenny Kravitz's brain about his designs for SLS South Beach, we wanted more. So without further ado, here's Part 2 of our interview with Kravitz, where we delve deeper into his design inspirations and his hotel must-haves as he travels the world for that other day job of his...

What do you need in a hotel room to be happy and comfortable?
More than just one thing, I like hotel rooms to be thought through. A lot of times there are lots of elements missing. I have to live in a hotel when Iím on the road and itís not just a place for me to sleep; I have to entertain there. So itís really about how it flows; it has to feel like a home away from home for me. I want to feel comfortableólike Iím going to be happy chilling out in the room all day. Like I donít ever want to leave the room.

So, what inspires your designs?
You know how people are Ö Iím a musician, and people like to keep other people in a box. But you know for me, I design, Iím a photographer, I make music, Iím an actoróamongst other things. Thatís the kind of person I am. I have always be influenced by so-called Renaissance menóor women. People in general. I love using different mediums to express myself.

Iím inspired by music, by photographs, by photographersówhen I did my apartment in Paris, my main inspiration was Helmut Newtown and Yves Saint Laurent. Thatís how I think about itóand then thereíll be a touch of Miles Davis. My team understands what Iím saying. So itís not just being inspired by whatís in the design world. Itís many different flavors.

How does the design process work for you?
When Iím working on the road, Iíll sketch somethingóvery badly, Iím not a good sketcher, Iíll admit that. A lot of the time it will be on paper plates and napkins. And then Iíll have my guys straighten it up. Or Iíll have one or two of my team fly out, spend a few days on the tour bus with me. Even when Iím on the road touring Iím working. Iím a bit ofÖ if Iím going to do it, Iím going to do it.

Because it matters that your name is on it?
Yeah. And people are always surprised when I show up on site in my hard hat. I donít think people expect that. The first thing people want to know is, 'OK youíre talented, but are you going to get this done on time and on budget?' You know, you canít come rock star with that. And our clients always pleasantly surprised. My office is run very, very tight. Iíve got great people working with me. We have a good time.

[SLS photo: HotelChatter; Kravitz: GossipExtra.com]

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