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'The Dictator' is Hit with a Hotel WiFi Shock in New York City

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May 21, 2012 at 9:04 AM | by | ()

You're not the only one fed up with paying out for Hotel WiFi. Comedian and actor Sacha Baron Cohen feels your pain, and actually adapted the ridiculousness of hotel WiFi charges into a bit for his newest mockumentary: "The Dictator."

You won't find the scene online...yet. Bet here's what happens: Cohen, as Dictator General Aladeen, walks into the Manhattan hotel where he'll be staying while in town to address the United Nations. The General Manager is John C. Reilly, and he has seen to it that the General will be totally at home, outfitting the General's suite in gold glitz, his official portraits and all many of other luxuries. Aladeen spots a card in the room, reads it and exclaims: "Twenty dollars a day for WiFi? And they call me an international criminal!" He then warns his entourage not to touch the minibar.

It's a tiny joke that packs a big punch. And, as we've heard from other friends who went to see the movie this opening weekend, it's also one of the few solid laughs not already shown in the movie's TV commercials.

But about that hotel...

In the movie, the focus is on a hotel named The Lancaster. It is fictional (duh). Nonetheless, Sacha Baron Cohen found the grandiose lobby setting he needed in the very real Roosevelt Hotel near Grand Central Station. The crew filmed there last August and—in a twist—The Roosevelt does charge daily for WiFI access, though it's $15 for one day of access.

The Roosevelt's lobby, in the preview above

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