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This Little Trick Should Make Things Go Easier In The Showers At Tryp Times Square

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May 2, 2012 at 9:31 AM | by | ()

Hotels can get so focused on sexing up the bathrooms sometimes that they forget to give a little thought to practical, useful little features that make bathrooms an easy, pleasurable experience. And we're not talking about friendly toilet seats that rise to "greet" you or TVs in the mirrors.

We're talking about circles cut out of the shower door that make it so that you can turn on the water without getting yourself all wet. Genius! That's what the bathrooms at Tryp Times Square offer, and we thought it was so original we had to take a quick little snapshot of the appliance in use.*

 Tryp, as we already have seen is all about the practical—from rooms with treadmills to functional lobby work spaces to pump dispensers in the showers that cut down on shampoo waste. (Of course, those things are an entire debate by themselves).

And it's always the subtle, practical features that sell us on a hotel. Things that show the hotel really cares about guests having a positive experience rather than just wanting to overwhelm the guest with too-cool decor and an intrusive party scene.

*No General Managers or PR reps were soaked during the making of this story.

How many times have you been prematurely sprayed by the shower while turning it on? Have you spotted a bathroom amenity recently that you took a particular liking to? Let us know about it!

[Photo: HotelChatter]

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