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Sit And Watch The World Go By Outside Nu Hotel

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  Site Where: 85 Smith St [map], Brooklyn, NY, United States, 11201-5907
May 2, 2012 at 9:41 AM | by | ()

Like to people watch? Hotels are good for that. And even better than a high-traffic lobby is an outdoor sidewalk cafe, which is exactly what just opened on Smith Street outside of Nu Hotel in Brooklyn yesterday.

The hotel (which isn't so "nu" anymore) boasts on its Facebook page that Brooklyn recently "scored an impressive 97" on its walkability compared to other US cities. And now with summer about to get underway and everyone in the city coming out to play, they've certainly got nothing to lose by plonking down a few tables and chairs and letting guests take front row seats to the daily spectacle that is Downtown Brooklyn.

Though, as the NY Times plainly points out, the hotel happens to be in the unfortunate position of being directly across the street from a newly re-opened city jail. Which, we can all agree, doesn't exactly make for the best people-watching.

But nevermind. A new tapas menu by Chef Jehangir Mehta and cocktail menu by mixologist Milos Zica should keep customers focused on yummy food and drink rather than on the nearby inmates and their visitors. And speaking of Facebook, the hotel is currently running a contest asking users to come up with a name for the cafe's signature cocktail. The Ball & Chain? The Strawberry Slammer? The Cell-tzer Twist? We kid, we kid.

For the now, the cafe remains unnamed (seems like that might be more of a pressing concern that names for the cocktails, but whatevs), though we expect some variation on the hotel's unique monosyllabic name.

Following up on yesterday's Memorial Day Weekend preview, we checked out end of month rates here, and found, not to our surprise, nothing below $260/night. Which, no, isn't terrible, but simply confirms what we already decided yesterday, which is: for those who have their hearts set on Manhattan, definitely go for it, and don't bother with Brooklyn right now because it's having a bit of an arm-and-a-leg spell. But for quiet, scenic outdoor dining? Yes, head to Nu.

[Photo: Nu Hotel]

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