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Are The Views From Shangri-La Paris As Good as They Claim To Be?

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May 21, 2012 at 5:19 PM | by | ()

We’re often skeptical of hotel glamour shots given to us by hotels or presented as casual photos on a hotel’s web site because they often don’t reflect the reality of what you’ll actually find when you get there.

Who hasn’t booked a room online that seemed spacious and colorful in the photos only to find that it was a cramped broom closet in reality? So it’s always a delightful surprise when we come across a hotel where the reality lives up to the hype.

We found one such property just last week while we were checking out an Eiffel Duplex Suite at the Shangri-La Paris.

Just to give you a little perspective, here’s a shot we took from inside the window by the desk (there are three two-story windows along the wall facing the Eiffel Tower--this is the one that leads out onto a little balcony) with the frame included so you could see just what we were looking at.

The best view was actually from the desk, which made us feel better about having to hunker down and get some work done (thanks to the free WiFi that’s standard at Shangri-La hotels) for a couple hours while we were there. Every so often, we could just glance up at the window and take in the sight of the famous iron structure just on the other side of the Seine.

The Eiffel Duplex Suite is in the Iéna wing of the hotel where the building’s original owner, Prince Roland Bonaparte (Napolean’s great-nephew) built apartments for his mother and daughter—that was back when a view of the new Tower was quite gauche.

Perhaps the best view came after dark, though, when the Tower was lit to full effect, and especially during the hourly light shows (sorry we weren’t fast enough to catch that on camera!) that we could enjoy without getting up off the sofa.

This suite had a tiny outdoor balcony with a single settee where a guest could sit and enjoy the view, but to get those full-on balconies with lounge chairs and little tables, you’ll have to book one of the Eiffel Duplex Terrace Suites or an Eiffel Premier Suite.

And just because we thought you’d like to see, we’ve also included a photo gallery of the Eiffel Duplex Suite above, so have a look at the various features including both upstairs and downstairs sitting rooms, a flatscreen TV hidden in the bathroom mirror, a work desk with the picture-perfect Paris perspective, and all the other goodies that this top-end property had to offer. Rates at the Shangri-La Paris start at 747 euros a night, though for the Eiffel Duplex Suite, you’ll be paying 2,627 euros.

Eric Rosen was a guest of the Shangri-La Paris for one night, but all opinions expressed are entirely his own.

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Are The Views From Shangri-La Paris As Good as The

Excellent article and always a great subject. The hotel room views and interiors  look lovely.  M.Winner