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Florence Is Having A Renaissance, As Far As Hotel Social Media Goes

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May 16, 2012 at 9:15 AM | by | ()

Eventually, it's going to get pretty boring writing (and reading!) about every single hotel that launches a partnership with LobbyFriend, the newest hotel social media and city guide app to set the hotel world on fire. But for now (we hope), the excitement is still there...

If for no other reason than that LobbyFriend is so darn secretive about which hotels they've partnered with!

The Lungarno Collection, a boutique family-owned consortium boasting four hotels in Florence, Italy, will be the first European hotel brand (and only the second worldwide, that we know of) to offer the technology. Giving guests that much more of an opportunity to practice their shaky Italian.

Unlike Tryp Times Square, where the app made its worldwide debut last month, the Lungarno Collection has the advantage of having multiple hotels in one city. So it would follow that the conversation stream is actually larger. Right?

When guests check into the hotel and opt to "check into" LobbyFriend, they are only able to "see" other guests at the same hotel. But with Lungarno's four properties (Hotel Lungarno, Hotel Continentale, Gallery Hotel Art and Lungarno Suites), the daily stream of comments, suggestions, and deals would conceivably be drawing from a larger pool.

Here's what Lungarno's Web Marketing Manager, Pierfrancesco Coscarelli, had to say about the new tech service:

"[LobbyFriend is] a useful tool to ensure that guests never miss out on any activities or shows, whether it's a wine tasting event at Borgo San Jacopo or an opening of the new art exhibit at GALLERY Hotel Art."

A little cross-promo never hurt anyone.

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