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Do You Book Your Hotel Stay Based on The Hotel's Gym?

May 15, 2012 at 3:42 PM | by | ()

Recently, an acquaintance was badgering pumping us about hotel recommendations for Hong Kong. After mentioning a few that we recently checked out, said friend asked us, "But which one has the best gym?"


See, we're not really the fitness-oriented type when it comes to our hotel stays. Indeed our first reaction to the announcement of IHG's new fitness-oriented hotel brand, Even Hotels, was wondering if we would be judged for carrying fast-food take-out back to our room. We'd rather book our room based on the following criteria--newness, cheapness and in some special cases, design.

But considering that this was the second time that we heard of a friend booking a hotel room based on the gym offerings, we started to think that there must be a ton more of you gym freaks out there, studying photos of the hotel fitness centers perhaps more closely than the rooms.

So you tell us, do you book your hotel stay based on the hotel gym offerings? Let us know in comments below!

P.S. To answer our friend's initial question about Hong Kong, we would have to give a shout-out to the Ritz-Carlton (pictured above) where you can Facebook and Google from the treadmills.

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I always book hotels based on the gym amenities and equipment. Usually a well equipped gym will get the nod over another hotel unless the gym-light hotel is offering a ridiculous deal. I've also been known to book hotels close to Equinox gyms in the event a convention booked up all the "cool" hotels.

Or the Whole Foods?

Just noticed this article from USA Today about booking a hotel near a Whole Foods. God, I really hope it doesn't come to this.

Not really but I think I should start

I lucked out on a recent stay in New Orleans. When I got up to the gym, it was big, had tons of machines, and it was on the top floor of the hotel, so it really only attracted people that actually wanted to use it.

I didn't bother checking online beforehand, so I certainly wasn't expecting to work out during my stay. But it was so awesome to get my routine done every morning in such a well-equipped gym. Totally made up for the fact that our ceiling leaked.

Also, hotels have a way of exaggerating just how big their gyms are. I'd recommend calling and asking for SPECIFICS (square footage, # of machines, proximity to pool, lobby, etc)

Even Hotels - Intercontinental Hotels Group

According to the research done by IHG which led to the launch of the Even Hotels concept, there are over 17 million US travelers who value being able to keep up with their wellness routine while they are "on the road".


Gym/fitness facilities may be second only to location as a determining factor in which hotel I stay.  Another very acceptable alternative are hotels that provide guest passes to local athletic facilities that may include lap pools and other services not found in hotel facilities.
I maintain a daily athletic regimen at home.  Why would I give this up on a leisure or business trip and pay for the privilege?


Yes, that is the first thing I look at.  EVEN is right on point.  I work for hotels, and travel every other week on average.  It's hard to stay on your game with so many things you can't control, like airport food or changing beds every night.  Exercise is a desired necessity, and there is nothing more frustrating than a crappy hotel gym, especially when  you're paying upwards of $200 per night.   I refuse to stay at a hotel that does not have a large, enticing, well equipped gym.  Partially to make a point, even if I'm the only one who notices.  And partially because I actually want to USE a GOOD gym.  And yes, I have even gone as far as to locate the nearest whole foods!  Although that is not a must-have like the gym.  I can speak for a number of hotel sales reps when I say this is a common and increasing trend.  Way to go IHG!


For all my business trips to NYC I stay at either the Trump International (by Central Park), or Le Parker Meridien due to their amazing fitness facilities (as well as convenient locations).

Trump International just renovated their entire fitness center/spa, it is drop dead gorgeous!!!! It looks nothing like before and is breathtaking to see the transformation... They are also right across from Equinox and Whole Foods so I sometimes go to Equinox for my class and then go back to the Trump for the rest of my workout or maybe run in Central Park when the weather is nice.


The pool maybe but making a decsion based on treadmills and dumbells - no chance!

More Often Than Not

As a regular international traveller, I have noticed that I function far better when I stay in shape. So I look for hotels with decent gym facilities (i.e. not a converted bedroom with an old stationary bike and a jump rope) that allow me to get a moderate workout in within 45-60 minutes total time out of room. This is usually criteria nr 2 or 3 when selecting a hotel, right behind WiFi included in price (a must!) and a proper, nutritious breakfast.

Well, that's great!

It's really good to be physically fit all the time. That is why having a gym inside a hotel as part of the package is very much welcome, especially if at no extra cost. In the meantime, if you plan to go to Wellington, New Zealand, why don't you try to check Greenmantle Estage Lodge. http://greenmantle.co.nz stay@greenmantle.co.nz

Sort of yes, sort of no

Given the choice between hotel with and hotel without gym - definitely with. I prefer to go for a run outside, but if the weather is bad or that's not an option, having a gym to use really helps. But if a hotel has a gym, I don't tend to obsess over exactly what equipment it has.

On the other hand a decent sized pool will make the decision for me. I like to swim for about an hour, so paddling-pool size pools, jacuzzis, and so on are out. A nice big pool where I can swim lengths - consider it booked!


Hotel gym is a must for me indeed.

Hotel Gyms

Based on our research we found that many individuals do actually make their hotel booking decision based on the hotel gym and fitness equipment the hotel offers. Fit Spotting app is dedicated just for that; a platform for travelers to review and share hotel gyms.