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Art Series Hotels Launch Another Art Series, This Time With A Fake Warhol

May 11, 2012 at 10:44 AM | by | ()

In other (not so major) hotel news today, our favorite art-loving Aussie hotel brand, Art Series Hotels, has launched their newest promotion, "Which Warhol." Over the course of the next few months, guests will be presented with multiple Andy Warhol replicas hanging in the hallways, and among the fakes will be an original Warhol, valued at $20,000, which only the keenest of eyes will be able to pick out.

Whoever is actually able to figure out which Warhol is which gets to take it home!

We've always dreamed of hanging an actual Warhol in our bedroom, and never thought that would come about by visiting a hotel in Australia. But now that the possibility is out there...

Rates start at $209/night at any three of the Art Series collection (The Cullen, The Olsen and The Blackman). Each one offers a slightly different theme, having been inspired by different Aussie artists (Adam Cullen, John Olsen, and Charles Blackman, to be precise).

Not knowing nearly as much as we'd like to about contemporary art, we'd probably pick The Cullen based on this snapshot of a goat-inspired mural in one of the rooms.

The replicas used for Which Warhol are the work of Tony Tetro, whom Art Series notes as "the world's greatest living art forger," having made a living by reproducing works by greats like Warhol, Picasso, Monet, and even one of the hotel's namesakes, Charles Blackman. Seems like a great gig for him to have gotten a hotel to knowingly scoop up multiple forged pieces, and put them on display. A gallery opportunity an art forger could only dream of!

Art Series' CEO, Will Deague, offered:

"In running Which Warhol, we’re looking to profile this serious issue and stimulate discussion and debate around the production of replica art.  What does it mean for the industry, how can you pick a fake from a real, what value do we actually place on art?"

Just like with the hotels' last art promotion, in which guests were encouraged to steal a Banksy, the whole world can follow the goings-on of Which Warhol by following @WhichWarhol on Twitter.

And if the urge to finally visit the land down under has gotten hold of you, be sure to check out our other Aussie hotel stories here!

[Photo: Art Series Hotels]

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