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SBE's Sam Nazarian Dishes On The Star Designers of SLS South Beach

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May 14, 2012 at 9:30 AM | by | ()

It's no secret that we're psyched for the upcoming June opening of SLS South Beach. As June 14 gets closer (and we hear rumors that the hotel will soft open even sooner), details of the room decor is starting to trickle out. But what's the official line?

We spoke to sbe founder Sam Nazarian and asked what we can expect from the SLS South Beach rooms designed by Philippe Starck.

Says Nazarian:

The rooms are designed in a pattern which I believe is so unique, full of perspective—like all our canvases. And I think there is a lot of functionality. You’d think a high-designed hotel doesn’t have functionality but we have both—what we like to call the both sides of the brain approach. Hopefully it will be something people have never seen, first of all, and also a space you feel comfortable being in. You know, generally rooms are small in South Beach, so we’re going to make them one of the most comfortable. We’re going to use every one of our strengths to do that.

As for why he tapped rock god-designer Lenny Kravitz and his team at Kravitz Design Inc. to work on SLS South Beach's penthouse and special poolside bungalow suite...

What I love about Lenny… well, we both went to the same high school. We have known each other for quite some time. Lenny’s commitment to design is not about his stardom in music. The Kravtiz Design Inc. viewpoint and their collaboration with Starck…this wasn’t something I did in a vaccum. Starck and Lenny met in Paris, at Lenny’s home. And Starck was blown away by the attention to detail and creativity and also the relevance in hospitality that Kravitz Design Inc. proposed for our two most important suites.

So the collaboration with Philippe was what really excited me, as well as the fact that Philippe really thought that Kravitz Design Inc. gave another layer of uniqueness to Miami Beach. Also, Lenny's interpretation of the Art Deco nature of this property, which is so important to us—to maintain the integrity of it.

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