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Itís Baack... New Underwater Hotel in Dubai Announced (Again!)

May 11, 2012 at 12:51 PM | by | ()

Well, call us eternally optimistic, but once again itís been announced that an underwater hotel is to be built off the coast of Dubai and we hope, that this time, itís for real.

Designed by Poland-based firm, Deep Ocean Technology, the ďWater Discus HotelĒ is space-age good. Two discs comprise the main part of the hotel, connected by three vertical legs and a shaft that holds the elevator and stairs. One disc rises above the water and the other is submerged below.

Above water, the hotel contains the lobby, restaurant, spa and pools, and below are 21 luxurious rooms, a dive center and a bar, giving a whole new meaning to the term ďwet bar.Ē

Completion dates have not yet been announced, nor anticipated room rates, but we'll keep you posted. Or maybe not. We wouldn't be surprised if this planned hotel also floats away in the deep dark unknown.

[Photos: Deep Ocean Technology]

Archived Comments:

I want to go to there. Maybe.

Part of me is aching to try this. The other part knows I'd probably not get a wink of sleep I'd be so panicked. I bailed on Jules' Undersea Lodge for fear of a leak. Though the views here seem so amazing--who would want to sleep?


Wow! I wish it could be built for real one day, I'd bring my wife without telling her what's so special about the hotel, she's afraid of fishes and a little claustrophobic ^^
Also it would be a great professional opportunity.

Ricky - Cameraman @TVtrip


This is far beyond than anyone could ever imagine. Can i know where could i get the direct link to this hotel? Thanks

Brilliant indeed!

But when is it going to get started? The last we heard the underwater hotel in Dubai was to be started soon but construction hasn't yet begun.  When we hear it's underway we'll be sure to let everyone know!