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W, Westin and St Regis All Coming, At Once, To Dubai In 2017

May 1, 2012 at 9:12 AM | by | ()

What's missing from this picture?

If you've thought to yourself recently, 'Gee, Dubai sure is a great place to visit, but boy, would it be even better if they opened a W, Westin and St Regis there too!' then we're here to tell you your prayers have been answered. Starwood announced today that it will do just that, after signing an agreement with Al Habtoor Group (the same conglomerate responsible for the city's upcoming Waldorf-Astoria resort, and a few of its own hotels too).

All three hotels will get built onto the same, giant complex (a one million square-foot property, in case you were wondering), and the total room count will be 1,675. This on top of the fifteen other hotels that Starwood already operates in Dubai, including Le Meridien, Sheraton and Four Points by Sheraton. But, we suppose, there's always room for a few more...

Starwood's Europe, Africa and Middle East President, Roeland Vos, feels Dubai "has surged over the years as a top destination for international travelers" and that the project will bolster Starwood's "long-established position as one of the leading hotel operators in the Middle East." Though why they felt the need to open not one, not two, but three hotels, he never makes clear.

Each of the hotels, which will all share the name "Sheikh Zayed Road," will all contribute their own little signature brand-y offerings: W's party scene, Westin's super-relaxing spa atmosphere, and St Regis' top-of-the-line luxury. Furthermore, inside the Sheikh Zayed Road complex will be an "entertainment theatre" and a 500,000 square feet landscaped garden. Ooh, pretty!

Indeed, the city does seem to be picking up speed, and today it was announced that $1.25 billion is being channeled into a major expansion at Dubai International Airport. There's no stopping them now!

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