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Do You Ever Use The In-Room DVD Player During Your Hotel Stay?

May 1, 2012 at 5:31 PM | by | ()

A few years back, we used to get excited to see a DVD Player in a hotel room and while they are still a rarity, when we checked into the Signature at MGM Grand in Las Vegas the other day, we hardly flinched when we saw this DVD player right below the flat-screen TV.

Are we just completely jaded now or is the DVD player going the way of the hotel telephone? After all, so much recreational programming (movies, TV shows, music) can be found on your computer, your phone or your tablet.

And with the advent of streaming services like Netflix and even the movie rentals from iTunes, putting in a disc in a DVD player just seems silly. Plus, before we know it, DirecTV and other DVR services will come online in hotel rooms too, further edging out the DVD.

We tried to think of uses for the DVD player and could really only come up with two:

1.Kids. Your kids want to watch "Despicable Me" over and over and it's better/easier to watch on a real TV than have them hogging your computer/phone/tablet.

2. Work. You're a modern day Mad Man/Woman and you need to watch sample ads/presentations on DVD during your trip.

Any other reasons why hotel guests might use the DVD player in their hotel room? Let us know in comments below!

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never use the dvd player, would prefer if hotels had cables to hook up my laptop to the TV (PC & MAC)

CD player

Some of us who travel through various towns may rummage around music stores for interesting music. Here, the DVD player could simply serve as a CD player so you can play these discs through the TV's speakers.


I needed to get a P90X workout in during a hotel stay and would have gladly used an available DVD Player instead of my computer.  Too bad the room I was in did not have one.

Some Facebook Reactions

We posted the photo of the DVD Player on Facebook and got the following reactions:

· Sebastian S: What's a DVD? LOL

· Sandy Y: If I had brought a DVD with me, sure.

· Debbie D: waste.... would rather have a great cookie

· Garey T: In a hotel room, I have one mission..go to sleep.

· Shannon A: Why spend hundreds of dollars on a hotel room to stay in & watch movies anyways??? Sounds like something to do @ HOOOOMMMEEEEEE!!!!

· Sixto: Hell no! You think I am going to pack my favorite DVD's? Lol.

· Mallorie F: When I travel with my kid I always have my laptop and a couple of movie (I know old school right) so I would bu if traveling for business no

· Keith D: Probably not.

· Connie C: unlikely

· Trevia B: ummm...yes


· Lane D: only if it is a DVD RECORDER. hook up the video camera...bow chicka wow wow!

I am one of the legions of P90X (exercise program)

Last night, I stayed in a hotel which provided a DVD (oddly it was a longterm stay property)and I was absolutely delighted to use the DVD and big screen TV (versus my lap top) to play the exercise.  As a result, I'll be seeking this hotel out in the future simply for the small luxury...So long as I maintain my regime.



A couple years back I took a short trip to Seattle with my girlfriend. We stayed in a tiny but quaint hotel that was 10 mins (walking) from Pike Place Market (AWESOME place!).
I'm a movie/gaming buff and try to stop into all the local Blockbuster stores whenever I can. We were tired out on our first night from walking around town and hit up the Blocks across from our hotel.
We ended up buying 5 movies that night, ordered pizza and popped a DVD into the player in our room.
Crazy busy day followed by extremely relaxed night :)

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How about Apple TV instead?

If you stay at a Lark Hotels property you can use our Apple TV to stream movies from Netflix or your iTunes account...check us out at www.LarkHotels.com