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It's A Looong Way Down From The Top Of Shangri-La London

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April 9, 2012 at 9:03 AM | by | ()

Well, how about that. Construction hasn't even finished on London's 95-story iceberg-inspired tower, The Shard, which will house the Shangri-La Hotel—and already we've gotten a sneak peek at the building's killer views from a daredevil who climbed a ladder to the top.

Urban explorer Bradley Garrett, who literally has a PhD in 'breaking into places,' was out on one of his nocturnal raid missions and decided to share some photos he took from the 76th (and currently highest) floor of the tower. He even got to touch the red light at the top of the crane—an accomplishment he calls "incredibly exhilarating."

As far as we're concerned, he's overshot things a bit, as the hotel itself is only set to occupy floors 34 to 52. But if this is what it's like just twenty stories above, then we remain confident that views from the actual rooms will be pretty frickin' awesome. No word yet on hotel rates, but they're likely to cost significantly more than what Dr. Garrett paid.

Next month is when the building is scheduled to be finished (though the hotel isn't set to open until 2013), so it's good that Dr. Garrett managed to sneak in a quick last jaunt before people actually start occupying these floors. According to the Daily Mail, Garrett and his group of explorers have actually managed to climb the tower several times over the past year—including an expedition to watch the fireworks on New Year's Eve 2011—and never once got caught.

There's quite a few hotels around the world that are housed in mammoth towers like this. Which one would you like to climb? Or better yet, which one would you like Dr. Garrett to climb for you and send you photos? Do let us know in the comments below!

[Photo: Daily Mail]

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