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Who Will Step Into the Role Of 'Cultural Guru' At the Out NYC?

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April 11, 2012 at 12:14 PM | by | ()

Now in its second month of soft opening, things are only just starting to heat up at the Out NYC. After recently speaking with the hotel's GM, David Lopez, we learned the hotel's big opening is actually scheduled for Gay Pride in June, when a full-force grand opening bash will kick the "straight-friendly urban resort" into high gear for the summer season.

But that's not all. We also learned that Out NYC is planning to hire what they're calling a "cultural guru" to steer the direction of the brand as a whole and curate interesting partnerships among leaders in the fields of art, fashion, design and architecture. Sounds a little like those "connoisseurs" that St. Regis likes to hire. Except the Out NYC is much smaller, and has much more of a targeted audience.

So what exactly does the Out NYC have in mind for its cultural guru? Read on to find out!

First things first, they're not even sure if that's going to be the official title of the position. Though we secretly hope it sticks as it sounds badass. Says GM David Lopez:

"We're putting together a whole cultural program, and we're likely going to be hiring a creative director or cutural guru. We're not entirely sure what to call this person yet. But we do have someone in mind."

Oooh! Who could it be?

"It's too early to announce anything yet, but we have a certain type of gentleman in mind. For instance, Stevie Boy is the designer for Lady Gaga; they're buddies, they're best friends. We're seeking out a type of Stevie Boy, if you will, who will collaborate with the hotel, whether it's for fashion week or possibly a line of accessories like some Out NYC shorts for the jacuzzi.

Basically, this person will create a secondary offshoot on our website that will expand on the 'Out' culture."

We love the idea of an Out NYC line of accessories, and we're pretty sure a lot of other people will feel the same way. When hotels are actually able to pull off the whole signature clothing or accessory line successfully (like we've seen at the Ace Hotel and let's not forget the Standard Hotel's "happy socks"), it can be lots of fun.

Lopez also mentioned that another piece of the Out NYC puzzle is to start installing more artworks by gay artists into the hotel (as of now, there's hardly any art around the property), which seems logical to us. With all those LGBT travelers on the way (some folks like to call them DINKs, which stands for Dual Income, No Kids), there's certainly money waiting to be spent.

Now all those DINKs guests need is a guru to point them in the right direction!

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