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Tryp Times Square Wants You To Have A Sleepover In The 'Family Room'

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  Site Where: 345 W 35 St [map], New York, NY, United States, 10001
April 30, 2012 at 9:49 AM | by | ()

Guess the hotel revealed!

Alright, then. For anybody who guessed Tryp Times Square after seeing Friday's mystery QR-coded mirror, you are correct! The two-month-old hotel is keeping right on top of its tech amenities with free WiFi in all the rooms, a pioneering hotel meetup app known as LobbyFriend, and of course those smartphone-friendly mirrors...

Now, we're taking a look inside one of the brand's signature Family Rooms, of which there are 23 in the hotel. While other signature suites like the Fitness Room and the Media Room might appeal to gym freaks and video gamers, these oversized loft-style suites are perfect for families traveling together, or a group of friends who just all want to hang out and scan mirrors together at the same time.

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The Family Room starts at around $429/night depending on the season, and can sleep up to eight guests comfortably. Comfortably is the optimal word here, as there's really no reason, assuming you've got a huge entourage, to cram a few more in here. Once the bunk beds have been folded out of the wall, and the pull out couch has been filled up, what's a few more bodies scattered around the place?

A sliding door connects the living room area with the "master bedroom," which offers two Queen size beds. But with the huge gap between the adult beds and the desk at the far end of the room, there is easily the potential for another half dozen sleeping bags on the floor.

Other elements—like plain hardwood floors, cute New York-themed headboards and power outlets on the desk lamp—make the rooms at Tryp have that clean, simple, modern look that the hotel calls "cosmopolitan" but we just call sensible.

After shuffling around on one too many fugly hotel carpets, sometimes it's nice to feel solid wood under your feet. Even if you have to step over a few sleeping bodies to find the floor.

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