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Millennium Hilton Tests Out A Power Plant, Hazmat Suits Not Required (For Now)

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April 3, 2012 at 9:33 AM | by | ()

As Earth Day approaches, and hoards of organizations attempt to "raise awareness" about the environment by giving away tons of free, useless crap like tshirts, mugs and stickers, the Milennium Hilton New York has made a big step in the right direction by installing a power plant that converts natural gas into electrical and thermal energy.

The combined heat and power plant will consist of two 250 kilowatt cogeneration units inside the actual hotel. Now, if anyone wanted to write in and explain what that actually means, we'd be grateful. But for now, we're content just knowing that Hilton has been proactive about cutting down on its energy consumption.

As far as we know, this won't put any pressure on the hotel to increase rates. Which is good, since a hotel room in lower Manhattan sure is expensive enough without having to worry about subsidizing a power plant too. For upwards of $400/night, you'd at least like to feel that your money has done something good.

Meanwhile, Greenwood Energy, who's installing the power plant, is excited because this is the first major hotel to sign up for their services. The company's CFO hopes this will open up more opportunities for other hotels, hospitals and universities to try out renewable energy sources too.

Now if only Hilton could apply this same ambition towards installing free WiFi...

[Photo: Hilton; inset, Simpsons.Wikia]

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