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Need a Hotel Room Last-Minute, Eh? HotelTonight Has You Covered in Canada Now

Where: Canada
April 26, 2012 at 11:06 AM | by | ()

The day has finally come! The mobile-booking app HotelTonight is going abroad, starting with Toronto and Vancouver.

The newest version of the app is now available for download from the iTunes store or the Android market with Toronto and Vancouver hotel deals at the ready (not until noon local time, of course.) The app's update also now supports various forms of international currencies--including Canadian dollars, the British pound and the Euro.

A-ha. There's a clue right there about where else HotelTonight will be expanding abroad. Fingers crossed London is the next city where last-minute hotel guests can find a killer room deal.

But while HotelTonight begins expanding internationally, the app isn't straying too far from it's core concept--to give travelers steeply discounted rooms for booking last-minute, or rather on the day or night they need the hotel room.

We spoke with HotelTonight's CEO Sam Shank, who's in Toronto this week, about why HotelTonight is so successful, especially as competition from other booking sites increases (both Pricline and Booking.com have unveiled their own last-minute apps with international cities). Shank told us simplicity and logic are key:

HotelTonight is very logical. Everyone gets why they are getting this deal. That's really served us well in terms of people feeling good about the discount they are getting. And that the deal is legitimate.

So once again we have to ask, it's almost noon now (the time when HotelTonight's deals are let loose), where will you be staying tonight?

[HotelTonight iPad screenshots via HotelTonight]

Archived Comments:

Toronto HotelTonight options

For tonight include:

· Thompson Toronto at $173 (down from $234)

· Old Mill Inn & Spa at $203 (down from $295)

· Delta Chelsea at $142 (down from $184)

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