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Pick A Pillow, Pick A President At The Benjamin New York

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April 24, 2012 at 9:17 AM | by | ()

No, The Benjamin's Sleep Concierge, Anya Orlanska.

If you have a hard time following the presidential race, The Benjamin is here to help with yet another interactive pillow-themed initiative called the Presidential Pillow Primary. From now through August, each of the top candidates (Obama, Romney and Gingrich) will be matched up with a pillow from the hotel's famed 12-plus pillow menu, and guests will get to vote on their favorite pillow. And by pillow we mean presidential candidate.

And by "presidential candidate," we mean: this is a hotel and it's all just make believe. Do not, we repeat, do not try to cast your actual vote here in November, though do feel free to come here and figure out if it's the latex-wrapped "Obama Pillo1," or the boomerang-shaped Mitt Romney pillow, that sends you off into dreamland.

At the end of the poll in August, when all the votes are counted, one triumphant pillow will be crowned as Commander in Sleep above the other pillows on the menu. It sure will be interesting to see how the results mirror (or differ from) the actual results of the election later on in November.

As for the three official Presidential Pillow Poll pillows, the choices are:

"Pillo1™, for President Barack Obama, has the inherent ability to naturally educate the entire human body to position itself correctly on the bed, thereby reducing unnecessary spinal stress, optimizing alignment, and improving one’s night sleep. PILLO1™’s Talalay latex is made in America using the most healthy, breathable, environmentally-friendly, quality latex foam we could find anywhere in the world, which the Sleep Concierge thinks the president would appreciate. 

Bed of Nails Acupuncture Pillow, for Newt Gingrich, releases oxytocin and endorphins to relieve pain and induce a state of well being, [with the use of ] 2128 acupressure points.

Boomerang Pillow, for Mitt Romney, is perfectly constructed for maximum support in any sleep position. Known for having some of his comments come right back at him, the boomerang is a fitting choice on several levels."

Ha. So who what will it be: latex, acupressure or the boomerang? Time's running out!

[Photo: Best Hotel Amenities; inset, M. Spencer Green / AP Photo, Reuters]

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