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It's Easy To Get A Free Hotel Room These Days, Especially If Your Name Is Don Draper

April 25, 2012 at 9:02 AM | by | ()

Howard Johnson must have realized it's not such a good look denying Don Draper...well, anything. And so, after last week's episode which portrayed the Man Men character driving off to a HoJo in Plattsburgh, NY with his new wife Megan, and being denied access to the hotel's pool, the company has decided to make up for their error.

Anybody who was actually born with the name Don Draper will receive a free night at a participating Howard Johnson this summer. It's the hotel's way of saying 'sorry' to all the Don Drapers of the world—even though, in real life, they never did anything wrong. Then again, we're not complaining. If we knew someone who was named Don Draper (and, very sadly, we don't), we'd be all over this like a spoon on orange sherbet.

The eight HoJos that will be participating include locations in California, Connecticut, Florida, Maine, New Jersey, South Dakota and Texas, all of which are considered the company's "top destinations."

Rui Barros, Howard Johnson's Senior VP, had this to say:

"Unfortunately, sometimes things happen that are beyond our control. This is our way of showing Mr. Draper that we value him as a guest and hope to welcome him back soon."

Not named Don Draper? Sucks to be you! No, we kid. The hotel is also extending a 20-percent-off deal for any stay booked for three consecutive nights or more. But we know, it doesn't compare to a full-on free night. Better make with those fake birth certificates, and fast!

[Photo: Howard Johnson]

Archived Comments:

How about a roll-away for Dick Whitman?

Nice gesture. Too bad Don Draper himself would fail to qualify, having been born Dick Whitman. Anyway, he got his clam strips and sherbet for free, so he gets no sympathy from this guy.