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The Chef at Le Meurice is Cooking Up Something Exquisite for Your Room Service Breakfast

Where: Paris, France
April 23, 2012 at 1:06 PM | by | ()

If you've ever had the luxury of staying at Le Meurice in Paris, then hopefully you've had the luxury of dining on some of their sumptuous treats like Flowerbomb cake or their macaroons or their Queen cake or the vegetarian club sandwich down in 228 Bar.

But now, instead of cakes and sandwiches, it's room service breakfast that's getting the royal treatment at the hotel. And it sounds amazing.

The NY Times reports on new type of room service that's being developed by the hotel's master chef, Yannick Alléno, using an exquisite handcrafted trunk from trunk maker Moynat:

The master chef from Hotel Le Meurice had the idea of making hotel breakfasts as exquisite as a Michelin starred dinner. So his concept was literally built into a trunk — a roll-along case with five doors opening on fine bone china, cutlery and condiments. A meal can then be cooked in the room in front of the guests. To demonstrate, Mr. Alléno produced eggs, butter and herbs, turned on the gas and proceeded to cook, saying: “There are no limits for breakfast: poached eggs, scrambled, omelettes and if a guest wants an English breakfast, we have bacon.”

Good news for wealthy jet-setting guests around the world who plan on visiting other cities aside from Paris? Chef Alleno plans on taking his traveling room service trunk to other hotels where he has "connections", places in Dubai, Courchevel and then Marrakech.

Right now, we're awaiting to hear whether this service is actually being implemented at Le Meurice and how much it might cost. We're gonna guess it's a lot of Euros but this being France, hopefully gratuity is included.

Meanwhile, you could always do what we did during our stay at Le Meurice and pick up a baguette and cheese from the market at Galeries Lafayette and eat that in bed. Klassy, we know!

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