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The W Hasn't Given Up On The Grass Trend Yet

April 23, 2012 at 2:02 PM | by | ()

In these suddenly heady hospitality days with new hotels rolling out fast and furious, hotel rebrandings happening left and right and literally a new booking site popping up every week, it's kind of nice to see that some things never change--like the "grass" at a W Hotel.

We spied these glass containers of grass at the W South Beach the other month, just off the entrance in the hotel's "living room" aka lobby. Back in 2004, we had kind of an allergic reaction to the grass that was found at every W Hotel far and wide but call us crazy or maybe old, it's kind of comforting to us.

Wanna save up for a stay at the W where you can sniff the grass for yourself? Try doing it in a "grass-coated" piggy bank from the W Store.

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W Grass!

It can not be killed!