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Room Service Isn't Usually A Laughing Matter...Until A Comedian Shows Up At Your Door

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April 20, 2012 at 9:22 AM | by | ()

Room service is usually a solitary affair for us—either we don't know anyone in the city to go out to dinner with, or we're just feeling a bit low-key and prefer an in-room meal in front of the TV to going out and talking to people.

But the newly opened Hotel Indigo Edinburgh is the first place we've heard of to let guests have it both ways. In other words, you get the comfort of eating in your own room and the added bonus of a live comedian, who shows up with your meal and does a 10-minute stand-up act right in front of you. Yes, the potential for awkwardness is pretty high, but we'll let that go, for the sake of sheer novelty. The setup is by nature a little ridiculous, but since hotel rooms are often ripe subjects for joke-making, there's bound to be at least a few laughs in there.

Janey Godley (pictured) is a Scottish comedian who used to be a pub landlady, and this week is being employed by the hotel for a three-day promotion, which, sadly, ends tomorrow. So if you or someone you know happens to be visiting Edinburgh, and could use a few laughs (or just wants something to look at while eating), then head over to the Indigo with an empty stomach!

The Guardian interviewed two men who were on the receiving end of Godley's room service shtick, and both seemed to thoroughly enjoy the performance:

"'It's the total novelty value. It's very strange but absolutely on the button. I arrived last night and I heard people talking about how if you order room service you get a comedian with it.'

Graydidge, 26, says he initially struggled with the concept. 'I thought comedian was a type of garnish. I really didn't get it but it sounds fun.'"

For now, the hotel only has vague plans to revive the room service comedian during this summer's Fringe Festival in August, though judging from the overwhelmingly positive response they've gotten, we wouldn't be surprised if another comedian shows up sooner than that.

Until then, guests will just have to rely on the new DirecTV feature coming to hotels to watch their favorite sitcoms. Which, unlike humans, come with a fast-forward button.

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