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What You Won't See in Hotel Fitness Centers (Anymore)

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April 2, 2012 at 4:44 PM | by | ()

What don't hotels have these days? They've got libraries, art galleries, luggage robots, pilates studios, cantilevered pools...you get the idea. But it wasn't until this weekend that we encountered a hotel amenity that has almost gone extinct—that of the racquetball court.

Racquetball courts are typically found in older, resort-like hotels in areas that aren't known for beaches or much hot weather at all. The fun and fitness mostly happens indoors, and if you're at a hotel with a racquetball court, it also means you're likely not leaving the property.

We came across one of these rare extras this weekend, at the Tarrytown House in Irvington, NY. We paid $286 plus tax for two nights and the fitness center was definitely the highlight of the place. We weren't there for a bar mitzvah, wedding or family reunion, so racquetball it was! Maybe Even Hotels will consider bringing back the racquetball court? We'd play!

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Archived Comments:

That's so ACE of them

I can totally see Ace Hotels bringing this sort of hipstery sporting activity back to life in hotels...

We've got one!

The hotel at which I currently work has a racquetball court. When I first started working here 10 years ago, it was used by the guests and was listed on the advertising collateral as a guest amenity. Now we use it as storage for banquet equipment. It's probably fitting since our dry storage area for the kitchen used to be a basketball court.

What Fitness Centers need are Dog Treadmills

To be truly current and provide guests every amenety of home and more, at least the dog friendly hotels, they should make sure there's a place for Fido to get exercised, too. Why not add a few dog treadmills near the human ones for dogs and owners to work out together? A happily tired dog is a good dog. Learn more at http://fitnessforfido.blog.com/