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Top 10 Reasons to Date a Concierge

April 2, 2012 at 11:06 AM | by | ()

Spring is in the air and the warm weather might have you contemplating a spring fling (the one-night stand from Spring Break doesn't count). If this is you, consider doing it with a Concierge. And here to give us 10 Reasons to Date a Concierge is our favorite anonymous concierge, @ConciergeCorner.

Dating anyone can have certain benefits but a concierge comes with a slew of perks and pluses:

1. Hotel rooms are rarely an issue...anywhere. Even if the concierge in question does not have a property or portfolio property where you’re going, chances are a hospitality contact can hook it up.

2. It never hurts to be on a first name basis with the best restaurants in your city. Forgetting to book an anniversary dinner or Valentine’s dinner is suddenly not so much of an issue and may even come with a little something extra.

3. Working in hospitality, the concierge is used to dealing with other people’s in-laws Dealing with yours will be a piece of cake.

4. The impossible is possible. Tom Cruise may be the man in the "Mission Impossible" films, but the concierge is used to making impossible tasks possible for guests and making it happen for his date will be that much easier. Practice makes perfect, right?

5. You'll be one of "The Invited." If you date a concierge, sales and events are suddenly not “private” and “invite only” but things you are included in and invited to.

6. Scalping is not an option. When you want to attend a very popular concert or sporting event, it’s always nice to not have to worry about scalping tickets as the concierge has the inside track for tickets to most any event.

7. Concierges are used to complaining. Dealing with complaints comes with the territory and it’s always service with a smile, so your complaints will be easy in comparison.

8. You will be spoiled. Being courteous and kind is in our nature, so rest assured you will be treated like a princess… or prince.

9. Nothing is difficult at the last minute. Last-minute flowers are far less of an issue for the concierge; he has his people for that.

10. Lastly, who doesn’t like a man (or woman) in a uniform suit?

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